Monday, August 16, 2010

Treasury Thanks: Of Wolves and Flowers by thebluewindmill

Animal advocacy work is never ending... but its good to get good news and win some victories. Recently Defenders of Wildlife won a big one of behalf of the wolves by regaining their federal protection under the Endangered Species Act... and it was cause for celebration (for further information on that click HERE to see August blog write up).

Heather, shop owner of thebluewindmill, and an Etsy for Animals team colleague of mine curated a lovely treasury on Etsy featuring both wolves and flowers...


In fact, this is Heather's very first treasury and I thought it was grand. I particularly liked the overall diversity of products and imagery... and there are just too many beauties in this collection to select one as a favorite. See for yourself, click HERE to visit the actual OF WOLVES and FLOWERS treasury on Etsy.

I was thrilled to be included in this beautiful treasury- thank you so much- one of Brizel Handcrafts' animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes was featured...

Brizel Handcrafts presents, Lucky Wolf, a small unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry Box, made of banana silk yarn, perfect for storing a memory keepsake ! Lucky Wolf is a sweet gentle fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring handcrafted banana silk yarn in aqua blue, lavender and purple. It is embellished with a vintage button of a raised wolf head surrounded by a horseshoe motif... and contoured by a luminescent blue grey rim.

Animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes can be found in my animal fundraising store... Brizel4TheAnimals on Come visit my animal store to see all the lovely offerings that can be found THERE. Floral themed Silk Tapestry Boxes can be found in my main handcrafts studio Brizel Handcrafts on

I'm so glad Heather, aka thebluewindmill, featured her own wolf watercolor...

Gray Wolf amongst Tulips
by Heather Windmiller

As you can see, it is a stunning work of art... not only in watercolor technique & style but in color & composition as well !

"This item was painted on Crescent Illustration Board by Windsor and Newton watercolors. The background at the top is light blue that fades to white to emphasize the wolf's head. The eye and the mouth were painted with watercolors with the addition of a tar-like coffee binder. It measures 12" x 16" and is signed on the bottom right hand corner by artist, H.Windmiller; it is titled "Gray Wolf Amongst Tulips" and dated with the year, 2010, on the back."

Heather is a valued member of Team EFA, Etsy for Animals, an artist seller on who donates a percentage of her shop sales to a variety of animal charities as well as participates in Efa's Charity of the Month program. She also does service work for our team promoting our monthly Challenges.

Click HERE to visit her beautiful shop front, thebluewindmill.
Thanks Heather, keep up the excellent work !


  1. Oh, You are too kind!!!
    Thanks so much!!!:)

  2. This is an incredible treasury for the first ever by Heather. I wonder what the others will be like! A great eye for design and color!


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