Sunday, November 22, 2009

an introduction to... Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches

Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches are handcrafted & individually unique pouches made with silk yarn and/or banana silk yarn.

Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches are bags created to store something extra special...

... perhaps for housing some divination tools or Tarot cards;

or... for some other kind of ceremonial tools;

or... maybe for a rosary or prayer beads; fine jewelry or even a pearl necklace;

or... perhaps for your personal diary or poetry book;

or... for some irreplaceable photographs;

or... for a special ancestor heirloom or keepsake...

A table pouch is for storing whatever feels sacred & important to you !

When considering a table pouch... think about what you’d like to put in it... for example... if its a tarot deck then will it be in its original box or wrapped in a cloth ? would you like to have the original tarot booklet stored in there ? or perhaps a notebook ?

Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches have been made bigger to accommodate those types of things :) They are very thick and have no sides... so their interior space is smaller than the external finished size.

Inspired originally by ancient rug bags, Brizel Silk Tapestry is a technique that was developed to create woven rug-like thickness. Since I work in spiral formation, I adapted upon crochet... each thick silk yarn loop must be pulled tightly before the next one can be made... making the creation of a Brizel Silk Tapestry piece both a conscientious & effortful act. A Brizel table pouch typically takes around 10hrs to complete.

The silk yarn that is used to create Brizel’s Silk Table Pouches is made from reclaimed silk threads and loom warps, left overs from a silk garment factory... which are reclaimed and hand spun into this gorgeous yarn by Nepalese and Himalayan craftswomen. Some of the pouches also have some banana silk- a silk like yarn made from banana fibers - yet another lovely eco-friendly product !

Brizel Silk Table Pouches have a gorgeous colorful design at the front: usually a sun, a moon, or an all-seeing eye... sometimes a large spiral motif or a yoni gateway. Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches have been created to store something extra special and whatever you decide to put in it, a table pouch will keep those things safe - out of sunlight and out of immediate reach- inside a thick silk tapestry bag which can be displayed on a coffee table, mantle piece, bed side table or altar space.

The pouches close at the back with a flap and are secured with two large colorful vintage buttons, often with spiral motifs. The spiral reflects the numenous nature of life, mirroring the direction in which the pouches are made. Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouches are very thick, like a rug bag, substantial in weight and often weighing between 150 and 200 grams !

Each Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouch has my special Brizel logo: a lilac faux swede label with the Brigit cross, rising sun and full moon, to assure you that this pouch is handmade by me. Please dry clean only !

If you are interested in purchasing an original Brizel Silk Tapestry Table Pouch... please visit the Brizel Handcrafts store !


©2008-2009 Nicole Planchon /

Brizel Handcrafts ALL rights reserved

Thursday, November 12, 2009

BRiGHTHAVEN nominated for CHARiTY of the MONTH

I am absolutely delighted that my BrightHaven nomination for the month of November was chosen by the Radomizer... and here we are... Team EFA (Etsy for animals) are raising money through our sales to benefit this wonderful organization !

When you have a moment, please visit their web site:
There is a wonderful video introduction on their front page.

Their mission statement reads: "BrightHaven is dedicated to the rescue, care and enhancement of the lives of senior and disabled animals. We are also dedicated to a program of research and education, arising from the miraculous results we have seen, when the balance of natural feeding, holistic care and modern medicine are used in a loving family environment."

"BrightHaven is a Healing Arts Center for animals and our primary focus is to educate the public on the many natural alternatives to conventional health care or euthanasia."

"Our focus is, in particular that of hospice care and transition itself. Over the last fifteen years we have offered both sanctuary and hospice care to hundreds of animals, and wish now to use our experience to help others care for their senior or special needs animals."

"Currently BrightHaven is home to 34 cats, four dogs, four horses, a pig, two goats and a number of farmyard birds and the work load is intense! These animals and birds are our close family members and we journey through their care we are constantly learning more and more and find ourselves very well able to offer advice based upon our experiences."

"We are extremely hopeful that, through our program of education others will now come forward to open their hearts and homes as we have done and continue this extraordinary mission we have begun."

"We also envisage that, as the word is spread both by us and also the ever changing and growing veterinary community, that many will undertake the care at home of their senior or special needs pets."

Many members of EFA (Etsy for Animals) will give part of their profits to help this wonderful cause...

Our team leader Michele, Etsy store owner
mvegan5 created this wonderful treasury to spread the word throughout Etsy !

My Thanks to all my fellow EFA members !

*Photos reproduced by kind permission of BrightHaven

Monday, November 9, 2009

Celebrate the Season ETSY TREASURY FEATURE

Sponsored by KisforCalligraphy... Thank you for featuring one of Brizel Handcraft's Hip Button Belts... a lovely willow green belt dedicated to Virgoan energy.

To visit Brizel's Handcrafts store- please click HERE to get to there !
To view this particular product- please click on photo !

Greetings from the Spiral Garden @Twilight

Greetings from the heart of the Spiral Garden !

At the very center of this 80' diameter Spiral Garden... which path and accompanying flower bed winds three times before reaching a 40' center... lies a heart made of reclaimed grey bricks...

At its very center rises a iron wrought heart shaped spiral staircase which base is weighed down by heart shaped rocks...

This is a special place and especially at this time of year... when the golden grasses desiccated from the long summer's heat... are renewed by the first rains.

For us, in Northern California, we are beginning our green season... and whilst it may be short lived before a few white days will cover this lush carpet... it is a time of renewal and hope.

The passion flowers are blooming amidst the lavenders and rose hips... perhaps the last big show before the cold will settle on the land.

Bees are still coming and going...

Caressing the floral tendrils in their lovely dance...

bringing joy and goodness into their homes...

Samhain Blessings from Twilight !

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