Thursday, August 19, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Minty Fresh by Drunkenmimes

There's something really yummy about a well put together color themed Collection... MINTY FRESH is one of those. The product all compliment each other in tones and in the overall composition of the layout...

MINTY FRESH is a perfect title... you can just taste the flavor & smell the aromas after gazing upon this group. lol. Whilst the soaps look delicious... don't you just want to suck on those lampwork beads just to check if they have flavor ! or not. lol. Click HERE to visit this Collection on

I was happy to be included in this yummy Collection, one of Brizel Handcrafts' satin Hip Button Belts...

"Mint Green, a fine luxurious ooak ornamental accessory... handcrafted with rayon satin cord and carefully embellished with a myriad of eye catching vintage buttons... it’s just perfect for that special occasion !

Amidst the wonderful Green buttons are... one carved flower and one pierced swirl back... each a centerpiece in the belt designs, flanked by alternating textured & smooth luminescents and a wonderful hand dyed mother of pearl button.."

Brizel Handcrafts' satin Hip Button Belts have two different but complimentary designs, each with unique centerpieces. The image above is a close up of those two centerpieces on Mint Green. Belt t
ies are placed to one’s side so that the centerpiece button is positioned at the center (bellybutton). Simply flip the belt over to enjoy the other design at the front !

Click HERE to see more Hip Button Belts in my ArtFire studio.
and thanks so much for the feature !

I went looking for greenies in Drunkenmimes ArtFire studio, which is called Eccletic LadyLand, and just had to share this particular necklace with you...

Eclipse Necklace

"Eclipse pendant, teal beaded necklace with 1.5 in x 1.5 in square lead-safe pewter pendant w/ epoxy glass with a 'sun' design. Strung with teal crow beads flanked by hematite discs, teal green Czech fire polished glass, and teal green/teal blue glass seed and bugle beads."

And here is a little about the artisan: "Hi ! I'm Angelique, aka "Drunkenmimes Ecclectic LadyLand" from Rosamond, CA. Been crafting and drawing for many years, but beading is my biggest passion. I make a variety of glass bead creations, specializing in color graduation with shape contrast. I have a variety of different color/pendant possibilities, and magnetic clasping per request, so please feel free to ask for special orders.

When you buy handmade you are supporting little people, instead of big manufacturers. You are showing appreciation for the work of individual artisans and the passion they have for their craft. It makes a huge statement about you and your values. Contributions like that help enrich our culture."

And there you have it !
Click HERE to visit Eccletic LadyLand

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  1. Thanks Nicole, I got a laugh outta that! Craving mint n chip ice cream now...


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