Friday, August 13, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Button Button Who's got the Button ? by SarasinArt

Ah yes, the deluge of ArtFire Collections continue as the now addicted members of ArtFire are cutting into their nights slumber. Who could fault such dedication ?! lol

SarasinArt curated Button Button Who's got the Button ? a Collection themed around one of my favorite crafting materials...

You can click HERE to visit this fun ecclectic Collection on ! I particularly enjoyed 'Ocean Button', a gorgeous handmade polymer clay button with an oceanic swirl- the colors and design are just awesome :)

I was delighted to have a designed lot of Brizel Supplies' buttons featured...

... A nice set of NiNE natural vintage wood sewing buttons in a solid hardwood... three sets of three, each in a different tone and style.

I really must list some more vintage wood buttons... people seem to be interested in them :) Come visit Brizel Supplies and see a whole world of sewing buttons.

Thanks so much for the feature !

It was exciting to rummage through SarasinArt's studio... I wanted to find something equally natural in substance and my eyes found this divine necklace...

"The Goddess is carved from bone, and combined on a necklace with malachite and wood of the earth. It is 16 1/2" long, choker length for most women, and has a 925 sterling S closure.

Malachite is thought of as a stone with healing and protection properties. Some believe that if you wear malachite and danger comes near you, the malachite will fly apart in pieces as a warning. Others just see it as a beautiful stone."

As I recall, malachite is ruled by the element of earth and has a very grounding quality to it as well. I think it combined very very well with the bone and wood- so fabulous, don't you think ?

Make a moment to wander on down to SarasinArt's studio... especially if you enjoy gorgeous trade beads and a multicultural ethnic flare to your jewelry...

... There are some lovely items there... click HERE :)

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  1. Oh thanks so much for showing my Goddess necklace and linking to my Artfire Studio. Your buttons just fascinate me, so many of them are unique and so pretty!


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