Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Tangerine Fire by emeraldlily

I love orange... always have.... used to be one of my favorite colors during childhood and I guess I never outgrew it :) Today, I just about love every color but shades of oranges still very much draw me in !

Today's Collection, curated by emeraldlily, is called Tangerine Fire and features all sorts of orangey delights...

Products featured range from supplies: flower seeds, fabric, buttons, graphics, soaps & candles to the decorative: gourds & magnets to accessories & jewelry: handbag, earrings, scarflet. To view this fun Collection on ArtFire, click HERE.

Thanks to emeraldlily for featuring one of Brizel Supplies' designed vintage button sets...

"A set of EiGHT vintage plastic sewing buttons, two different complimentary sets, in a delicious tangerine red color.

FOUR are satin luminescent in a deep tangerine red... measuring 1 1/16" (27mm)
FOUR are thickly rounded in tangerine orange with some subtle white marbling... their centers are slightly dimpled... measuring a little over 7/8" (23mm)"

Click HERE to peruse through my button studio shop, currently brimming with well over 300 lots of modern & vintage sewing buttons !

I'm delighted that emeraldlily featured one of her own delicious tangerine items...

Chunky Woolly Mammoth Tangerine Orange

"'wool•ly mam•moth' [noun] a mammoth that was adapted to the cold periods of the Pleistocene, with a long shaggy coat, small ears, and a thick layer of fat.

Treat your neck with the respect it deserves. It keeps your head on. So, keep it (and your d├ęcolletage) from draughts* with this mammoth chunky neck warmer. It's like a woolly jumper, only without the jumper bit.

Made from 100% premium wool (from sheep, not mammoths) so it's nice & warm!"

Emerald Lily is created by Kathryn Cairney... Her bio reads on: "I am passionate about what I do, which is why Emerald Lily's mission is to create wearable fashion that you will treasure and enjoy for many years. I focus on designing colourful and stylish pieces that often replicate parts of our environment using a combination of metal and fabric, such as flowers, the seaside, animals and even our galaxy."

Click HERE to visit her ArtFire studio !

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