Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Yes Honey I really DO need that by ColtPixy

Delighted to be continuing with ArtFire Collection blog features... ArtFire.com is buzzing with them and the curators are starting to ignore dirty dishes & laundry which, i am told, are piling up in the household !

Today's Collection has a wonderful title: Yes Honey, I really do need that ! For those of us hooked on buying crafting materials and supplies... hands up those of us who used that justification...

Perhaps this Collection, which was curated by ColtPixy, is her personal wish list and an easy way to tell hubby exactly what she wants. My favorite item in the Collection are some white ceramic lucky cat beads. If you visit the Yes Honey, I really do need that ! Collection, you'll notice that ArtFire has set up the option for customers to buy the entire Collection. Pretty cool that, yes ?

Thanks to ColtPixy for featuring one of Brizel Supplies' sash fabrics !

These fabrics are fine quality hand woven textiles... reclaimed from Las Manos, a business that through FAiR TRADE principles commissioned their creation directly from the weavers in Guatemala. Las Manos went out of business some years ago... and I 'inherited' (so to speak) approx 80 different rolls with distinct designs & colors. These wide ethnic cotton sash fabrics are perfect for belting, costumes, decorative trim, guitar straps and many other embellishing projects...

The one featured in the Collection, no.51, is in a primary red featuring a spectacular white 'cloud' ikat motif, offset by subtle and deeper alternating bands of red. Guatemalan textiles are reknowned for ikat patterns which are created by hand dying the warp strings before any weaving takes place.

Come visit Brizel Supplies & check out the entire sash fabric collection !

It was fun to go rummage in ColtPixy's ArtFire studio and I just had to choose this waycool dude...

"King of Mardi Gras, a brooch made of polymer clay, completely hand sculpted without the use of molds. This pin measures approximately 1 inch (3 cm) across. He is wearing a green and purple mask with gold sculpted feathers. " Ain't he cute ?

Take a peek at Coltpixy's studio...
...there's a sale running there with 20% off, including on the above item !


  1. *raises hand*
    It was one of the easiest collections for me to put together.

  2. What a fun collection (easy or not!)!

  3. I love the title on that! BTW, the music on this blog is awesome too


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