Monday, August 9, 2010

Treasury Thanks: EARTH & WIND by Bululu

Interestingly enough I was recently featured in an Etsy Treasury !

Earth & Wind was curated by Bululu, a member of the EcoEtsy team, who put together this awesome looking collection...

... featuring one of Brizel Handcrafts' animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes.

Wise Salmon, a unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry Box, made of vegan banana silk yarn, perfect for storing a small memory keepsake ! This is a sweet gentle fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring handcrafted banana silk yarn in variegated aqua blues & embellished with a pewter metal fish.

Animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes are in the process of being relocated to my animal fundraising store, Brizel4TheAnimals on Etsy. This shop is interconnected with the service work I do with Team EFA (Etsy for Animals), with my animal pack, and with the habitat that i have been creating on my property, Twilight. Other Silk Tapestry work & boxes are now in my awesome new Brizel Handcrafts' studio on

Come visit both stores if you wish :)

Thanks so much for the feature !

So... I went to visit Bululu's studio and was so charmed by her profile...

"I’m here to make your life and my life colorful, fun, interesting, funky, hip and help you to create a place that brings you pleasure; and that is called Bululu Studio. This is a family business, yes all the family collaborate. The hubby do the sanding, the mailing orders, and makes Bululu (me) happy :D The kids behave so mommy can work in peace. Everyone is involve.

What? You want to know about me? I’m an Interior Designer, 31 years old (shh don’t tell anybody). I’m a mom. Married, I have three beautiful girls, a Rock Star husband that he thinks he can fly (He likes Superman) My hubby says I’m like a termite...because I love wood :D....

What inspires me?
Nature inspires me, organic shapes, flowers, birds, owls, leaves, I also enjoy vintage patterns. Clean lines, contemporary designs. Bauhaus. I don’t like busy patterns or antique styles, sorry that’s just me."

I enjoyed rummaging through her product listings and thought these birds were adorable !

Whimsical Birds Hooks Rack Organizer Clutter Cutter

"I made this beautiful Birds Rack Organizer. A clutter cutter, you can use it for hanging scissors, jewelry, belts, small objects, kitchen towel, hairbrush, keychain and more. Has vivid fun colors, a nice touch for your home d├ęcor. This design can be made into wall art without the hooks, no additional charges. Just contact me and let me know. Implementing whimsical and contemporary clean lines, simplifying these tweets shapes."

Delightful !

If you'd like to see more of her work... click HERE to fly down to her shop. Bululu sells all sorts of wooden handmade things... mini canvases, hook rack organizers, upcycled shadow boxes, fridge magnets, and wooden block artwork !


  1. Lovely items, cheered up my morning :>)

  2. Thank you so much Nicole for featuring one of my organizers...I love the story behind your creations.

    Have a nice week.
    Bululu Studio


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