Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Lost in the Woods by Drunkenmimes

Today's ArtFire Collection feature focuses on material, rather than color or subject matter. Its always interesting what draws a curator to creating a series of products that makes for a good show.

Curated by Drunkenmimes, aka Ecclectic LadyLand, Check out LOST IN THE WOODS...

I particularly enjoyed this Collection as I appreciate things made from natural materials, and wood certainly falls into that category. I discovered an incredible ArtFire artisan through this Collection, one that draws in my high interest in celtic designs, lore & spirituality. Signs of Spirit has some drool-for decorative items that I can only dream about owning one day. sigh. Click HERE to go visit LOST IN THE WOODS Collection on

Thanks to Drunkenmimes for selecting one of Brizel Supplies' lot of vintage buttons...

A fun designed lot of two groovy sets of stained brown wooden buttons... 4 deco toggles and 4 carved shanks... Many vintage wood buttons that i have are actually hardwood beauties which sadly are under appreciated today. When sales begin to pick up in my new Brizel Supplies ArtFire studio I look forward to listing more yummy wooden offerings :)

Come take a peek at Brizel Supplies !
& Thanks so much for the feature !

Here's a beautiful natural wood pendant necklace from Ecclectic LadyLand...

Autumn Splendor

"Carved wooden leaf/heart shaped pendant necklace with varied amber, brown, and bronze glass beads. Measures 20-21 inches end to end, and pendant is 1.5 inches wide at the 'bust' of the heart."

Wanna visit Angelique's studio ? Click HERE !

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  1. great post, thank you for featuring my collection! I love that celtic design cross by Signs of Spirit too. I have some beautiful wood 'wizard face' carvings I bought from a local elderly couple in my town. Maybe I will post a blog about them.
    Just an FYI, I'm not a wood carver, and the pendant I used for that necklace is from FMG. The teardrops are shell. Cheers!


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