Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ArtFire Collection Warmer Colors of Summer by Coolstraps

I'm so thrilled ! Yesterday, ArtFire launched its Collection series and I am already in several of them. How cool is that ?

Speaking of temperature... Here's The Warm Colors of Summer... I love this collection not only because of the color palette but also because there are some unique items in it. Check it out !

Curated by Terri of Coolstraps, you can click HERE to go view the actual Collection on ArtFire.com. I'm so totally enamored by MorganSilk's hand painted scarf... omg... I've had my eye on that one before... yum !

One of Brizel Handcrafts' Tagua Nut Jewelry items was also featured in this yummy collection...

Coral Red Zesty Zebra necklace features five big round tagua nut beads in a warm coral color which alternate with smooth red pebble shaped spacer beads.

The large beads, which measure approx 3/4", are called Zebra because they have been unevenly sanded allowing some of the skin to remain creating a marbled zebra ‘striped’ motif. These wooden beads are an eco friendly product made from a petrified nut which grows on a palm like tree on the edge of the rainforest !

Coral Red is strung on a dark chocolate brown waxed cord with a slip knot, making this delicious necklace adjustable. Its ends are finished with red tagua nut toggle beads.

Thanks so much to Coolstraps for including me in this Collection... Here's something from her own ArtFire studio... an Orange Floral Hand Embroidered Custom Guitar Strap:

Isn't it just HOT hot HOT... oh yeah and soooo beautifully handmade. Click on this link to see some of her other awesome guitar straps... What a unique gift these would make !

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