Monday, April 28, 2014

LadyBugs (reprise)

LadyBugs (reprise)
A garden friendly collection
etteam, EFA + guest

Ladybug babies are out! 
Be sure you know what 
their larvae look like 
and keep them safe so 
they can become the beautiful 
insect allies they are destined to be !

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ancient Dreams...

Ancient Dreams
An etteam collection with guests

A world without words
dark, rich, deep
gold, pure, real
tactile, symbolic

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Early Morning...

Early Morning
An etteam Treasury with guests

Early this morning 
when we had fog, dew 
and a wee bit of frost
 it was so pretty out there 

Albeit chilly for me...
It may very well be 
the last of it for the season. 
Seize the moment, as they say.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Growing Like Weeds...

Growing Like Weeds
An etteam collection with guests

It has finally come time to start mowing 
and weed whacking here on property.
It's true there's not a heck of a lot
but there are some foxtails about 
which are best gotten whilst green 
so they can be composted.

I've not done much...
maybe an hr @day for 3 days in a row.
but its a start !

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eggs-Travaganza Easter Benefit Raffle… for The Whiskers' Syndicate

Easter Benefit Raffle… 
for The Whiskers' Syndicate

Brizel would like to announce a very special fundraising event: An Eggs-travanza Easter Raffle benefiting The Whiskers' Syndicate, a fantastic feline rescue sanctuary in Bandung Indonesia. It's run by an EFA colleague and friend, Josie, an extraordinary animal advocate doing incredible things in adverse conditions. Brizel Supplies sponsors The Whiskers Syndicate on a monthly basis.

We thought we would do something fun this month and fundraise by doing a raffle. In fact, I admit its 'all my fault' since it was my idea. So we have these wonderful Brizel items up for grabs as prizes for ticket buyers. Check them out !

Above is a very special silk tapestry art box, made by Brizel Handcrafts (aka me) and it will be given to the person whom buys the most tickets. Its a soft container made with two different yarns- one is a brown rayon yarn with rainbow silk sari bits in it- the other is a light blue silk sari yarn. Silk sari yarn is made from reclaimed material- discarded left over loom warps from weaving factories. The material is rescued and spun into yarn. This little box was embellished with a vintage playful kitten button- totally ready to pounce on you !

Here's another Brizel Handcrafts silk tapestry art box. This little soft container is made from banana silk yarn, its a vegan silk like yarn made from banana fibres. The top of the box has been embellished with a vintage, cute easter chick button. This is a ticket drawn prize. One of the kitties at TWS will choose the winner.

Courtesy of Brizel4TheAnimals… this is not just a fabric that you see, and seriously, you don't need to be a seamstress to use this vintage yet brilliantly fresh-coloured sash. Handmade in Guatemala, this vintage, yet new, cotton sash is 3 1/2" wide by approximately 89" long, this fabric is great for belt and obi making... festival or special event costumes, outfits and embellishment projects... for making guitar or drum straps... for making hat scarves or head bands... use as decorative trim or as small banners... or anything else that your imagination would like to make with it ! This is a ticket drawn prize. One of the kitties at TWS will choose the winner.

A delightful tagua nut daisy pendant necklace… hangs on a faux swede ribbon cord… totally vegan and animal friendly… Tagua nut is the seed of a certain palm tree an you know what? It is used to replace ivory, so now you don't have to kill an elephant to be fancy. ha ha ha. One of the kitties at TWS will be very happy to locate a winning ticket for you.

More tagua nut beads, teamed up with silver plated findings… there earrings will give cheer to your ear lobes during any season. also donated by Brizel with feline magic to draw the winning ticket. You cant win without one of those (wink).

Lastly in the pile of Brizel donations to win from this splendiferous event… a tagua nut medallion disc stretch bracelet in a dark navy blue. If you've never worn tagua nut- its silky and smooth :) 

Raffle Details Here
Tickets are:
1 for $1
6 for $5
15 for $10

All you have to do is click on the donate button at the top of TWS FB page to purchase your tickets. (Or you can go to their website and click on the Chip-In donate button in the left column.) If you require any assistance- you can contact me through my Brizel4TheAnimals shop.

On April 26th Josie will toss all the tickets on the floor and let the kitties choose the winners. She's promised to video all the ruckus and fun with the cats so that will be a prize in itself.

During the week you will have opportunities to "win" tickets as well. Josie is going to come up with three questions about The Whiskers' Syndicate so you can all learn a bit more about the sanctuary. You may have to go over to the website to find the answer but that is part of the fun. That's our Easter Egg hunt. The first three people to answer the questions correctly will win an extra ticket for the drawing.

Additionally, the person who does the most sharing of the Easter Egg-Travaganza posts next week will receive 2 tickets for the drawing.

Then there will also be a prize for the person who buys the most tickets and does the most sharing of the Easter Egg-Travaganza posts during the week.

So get ready for some fun next week and brush up on your Whiskers' Syndicate history for chances to win extra tickets for our fabulous prizes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Eggs-Travaganza Easter Raffle
An All EFA Collection

Many of these Etsy sellers have sponsored 
and/or donated a portion of their sales to
support a fantastic animal charity 
called The Whiskers' Syndicate 
the only cat sanctuary in Bandung, Indonesia.

We are holding a benefit Raffle 
for The Whiskers Syndicate… 
some of the prizes for the raffle 
are also featured here & available 
for purchase from this collection… 

It's an egg hunt so come visit 
to learn more about this feline 
life saving organization… 
Like their Fb page - 
 visit their website and 
buy some raffle tickets 
whilst you are at it !

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Intermission Time...

Intermission Time
an etteam collection + guest

Ahhhh how about an intermission ? 
You know… just a few minutes 
of not having to look at pastel colors, 
bunnies, easter eggs, crucifixes, 
cakes, chocolates, 
gifts for mothers and 
at long lines at the supermarket !

I liked this idea so much… 
 so here it is an official Intermission Time- 
its a green nature loving collection of goodies 
with a lot of male energy to them too.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Lady in Red...

Lady in Red
an etteam collection with guests

I'm looking forward to the ladies in red 
coming out this year !
Havent spotted any larvae yet 
but i imagine they must be somewhere.

This collection is inspired 
by these wonderful garden allies…
I give you this collection of ladybug inspired items


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Visibly Upfront...

Visibly Upfront
An etteam collection with guests

Since Brizel Supplies joined etteam...
many Ts featured buttons this week !

Today i wanted 
to celebrate by creating a 
THANK YOU collection

visited all those shops 
to select something from
their shops front page

this is the yummy result

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Of Natural Things...

Of Natural Things
an etteam collection with guests

Once again i started with Laura's necklace…
I just love her work and this one is bee-licious.

I didnt search for any items - 
i just looked thru my favorites and went with it.
I'm intrigued because i think 
the curation turned out well...
even though the only thread in the theme 
is that all items are natural looking.

Hope you like it as much as i do !

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello the House !

Hello the House !
an etteam collection with guests

From the first moment I heard Felicity
say this in "Out of Africa"
I've been in love with this happy greeting.

I started with Laura's glistening pink pear
on an aqua button on a black buckle
and went from there.

There's something for everyone in it !

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kind Gifts...

Kind Gifts
an etteam collection 
with special guests

It started out in my brain with
Supertramp's song: "Give a Little Bit"
and then became a Treasury collection 
of items that would make special gifts...
either because they have heart or 
because they would be kind 
in some way or another.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Fuschia Explosion...

Fuschia Explosion
a etteam collection with guests

It has been rainy, damp, wet and colder
Nature all around us was lit 
in a moody broody green:
chartreuse, olive, moss, lime, neon !

Merlin and I went to the usps this afternoon
on the bankside of Cache Creek
was an explosion of hot
magenta, pastel rose, fuschia pink…
RedBud Flowers abound

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eat your Peas AND...

Eat your Peas AND…
an etteam collection with guests

Inspired by my friend Josie's 
Green Pea Fleece Catnip Toys
and colder weather which meant soup
four days in a row !

I particularly LOVE Elizabeth's
new Slug Angel hug me plush
and of course, Dan's stone critters too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After the Rain...

After the Rain…
An etteam Treasury with guests

Lots of rain lately and 
that's been very good for the land.

Winters here are usually our 'green' season
since that's when we get the bulk of our rain.

But this year we lacked rainfall
so now after a number of rain days 
we are seeing green !

Today grey skies cleared to patches of blue
& there were lots of flowery blotches of pink :)
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