Sunday, August 22, 2010

ArtFire Collection: A red hot handmade summer by BeauMonde

We are enjoying a cooler summer day today but heat is on its way in the next few days... I spent the morning outside: raking weeds and thinning out iris bulbs in the pawlonia orchard, which is called the Enchanted Forest here at Twilight.

Its a beautiful world and in French: BeauMonde, who is today's featured curator of this sizzling ArtFire Collection called A RED HOT HANDMADE SUMMER- a blazingly beautiful array of fire toned products...

Truly worth looking at in the flesh... click HERE to visit A RED HOT HANDMADE SUMMER on Not only are the listing images fabulous but the selection of products is interesting and unique. I was particularly drawn to the hat (of course) and the hand painted silk scarf.

I was thrilled to have one of Brizel Handcrafts' Silk Tapestry Table Rugs featured...

"Brizel Handcrafts presents Summer Sun, a one of a kind mini Silk Tapestry Table Rug... a unique decorative item handmade with silk sari yarns... fabulous for any little table, mantelpiece or altar area ! This stunning miniature table rug features the Sun shining brightly in the heat of the summer... this solar event is framed with variegated golden oranges."

"Inspired originally by ancient rug bags, Brizel Silk Tapestry is a technique that was developed by me in order to create woven rug-like thicknesses without the use of a loom. I wanted to work in spiral formation since most of my motifs are round in nature... i wanted the flow, form & color to follow that pattern... so I adapted upon crochet... when using a crochet hook, each thick silk yarn loop is pulled tightly before I can make the next one... so that the end result is very thick and dense. Once I have created the round diameter of the piece, I then free form to square it off... The creation of a Brizel Silk Tapestry piece is both a conscientious & effortful act... in other words all that pulling & tugging is hard work on the hands, wrists and arm muscles !"

Stop by Brizel Handcrafts to peruse

through my Silk Tapestries.

Click HERE to arrive at my studio !

Thanks so much for the feature, BeauMonde... I went in search for something that would compliment this Collection's theme and found this beautiful vintage item in her studio...

Large Red Enamel Daisy - Vintage Brooch Pin

".. fabulous floral layers in brightest enamel .. You are sure to be noticed in this very large enamelled daisy brooch pin ~ definitely not for the shy !! Two lovely layers of orange-red petals with a button centre and a 'V' shaped back pin. In excellent condition, this unsigned beauty dates from the flower power decade of the 1960's."

BeauMonde's studio where "my beautiful world of award winning, handcrafted fashion jewellery and accessories, charming vintage and supplies for the crafty" can be found happily on display awaiting your appreciation !

Click HERE to visit BeauMonde !

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