Friday, August 20, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Have a Heart by MM-Fractured-Designs

Friday is a day that was long ago attributed to Venus, the Greek Goddess of Love, and so it is only fitting that today's featured ArtFire Collection is called HAVE A HEART.

Curated by MM-Fractured-Designs, HAVE A HEART is a sweet show of products centered around love and heart shaped items...

Each heart has something interesting about it: all unique & many in differing materials... for a closer, look click HERE to visit HAVE A HEART on I particularly liked MM-Fractured-Designs mosaic heart pendants !

It was awesome to have one of Brizel Handcrafts' Silk Tapestry Hearts featured in this grouping of products....

"Fall in love with this gorgeous heart shaped silk tapestry, Love You, made of pure raw silk sari yarns and embellished with buttons and a special love message for that sweetheart in your life !

You dont have to wait until Valentine’s Day or even a birthday to deliver this unique and deluxe love message to someone you care about. Saying it with flowers is great but this heart is a keepsake & will last longer :)

Love You is a double sided heart shaped plush... One side is multicolored white silk sari yarn with magenta red & black accents... surrounded by a rich red and embellished with a beautiful artisan clay heart button. The other side is multicolored pastels contoured by more red silk... embellished with a pink message ribbon that reads LOVE YOU in red... and its center is adorned with a dreamy satin pink rose."

Click HERE to visit Brizel Handcrafts' on, where not only you will find more hearts but other Silk Tapestry works as well...

Thanks for a lovely feature !

Margot Cioccio, studio owner of MM-Fractured-Designs, is a glass artisan. "I am a self taught mosaic artist. I mainly use the direct method and I mostly work with stained glass that I shape using wheeled nippers. I look forward each day to the time I can spend after work and homeschooling kids playing with glass. It is therapy and a labor of love."

Margot especially loves to create these sweet heart pendants...

Blue and Millefiori Heart Pendant

"This chunky heart necklace features blue mini nipped glass edges, green nipped leaves in a field of assorted blue and white millefiori flowers. It has an accent of wire and green crystal bead swirls. The glass is set on a med blue painted wooden base. It has been sprinkled with fairy dust and glazed with a crystal glaze. This is a one of a kind hand made mini mosaic wearable art by artist Margot Cioccio. The heart is roughly 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide."

"I found myself compelled to make several dozen heart necklaces. This is one of my favorite. Each one is unique and a product of my creative inspiration. My family watches movies at night and I most often am working on a mosaic project of some sort. I am inspired by the shape, textures, colors of the glass and the millefiori."

Like what you see ? Interested in mosaic art ?
click HERE to visit Margot's ArtFIre studio !


  1. It is so wonderful to have my Have A Heart collection featured here. I guess even more than creating beautiful things my passion is to make people aware of the plight of the homeless and poor. I currently spend two days a week helping feed and care for the homeless and the poor in Spokane Washington. Every person has a name and a story some would break your heart. As winter approaches they will need things like gloves, socks, hats, coats, back packs, rain ponchos, blankets, tarps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bars of soap, deodorant. That's just the short list. If anyone reading would like to help send me a note from my studio saying how you would like to help and I will get you info on where you can send things. I hope my mosaics will remind you that beauty can come out of shattered and broken things.
    Blessings, Margot


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