Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Green with Envy by spiral

Yesterday, we were looking at spirals and today's ArtFire Collection was curated by the owner of Spiral's studio. Green with Envy is alive, fruity and full of verdant verve...

Diverse in its composition and color tones, GREEN WITH ENVY, draws in from a variety of product categories: photography, accessories, original art, ceramics, bath, herbal, vintage, purses, clothing, pets, jewelry... in fact each product is from a different category ! Click HERE to visit this Collection on ArtFire. My particular favorite was the awesome ceramic dolphin platter !

I was very pleased to be part of this grouping of products: one of Brizel Handcrafts' satin Hip Button Belts was featured...

"Mint Green, a fine luxurious ooak ornamental accessory... handcrafted with rayon satin cord and carefully embellished with a myriad of eye catching vintage buttons... it’s just perfect for that special occasion !

Amidst the wonderful Green buttons are... one carved flower and one pierced swirl back... each a centerpiece in the belt designs, flanked by alternating textured & smooth luminescents and a wonderful hand dyed mother of pearl button..

Mint Green is designed with a reversible design... two different but complimentary motifs with unique centerpieces. Ties are placed to one’s side so that the centerpiece button is positioned at the center (bellybutton). Simply flip the belt over to enjoy the other design at the front !"

Brizel Handcrafts is the culmination of my current work, on the left side of this blog page you will see a photo for each of my product lines... you can click on those tIf you'd like to browse through my studio- you can click HERE to get there...

Thanks for the feature, Spiral !

I went to takeApeek at Spiral's studio and found this lovely green necklace which I thought fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the above Collection...

by Spiral

"Seed beads and copper wire conspire to make a piece that reminds one of the tender shoots of spring. the pendant hangs from a bar of copper wire wrapped in green seed beads which is suspended from an antique finished copper chain. a green glass briolette serves as a focal bead for this. more seed beads wrap around the copper base providing an interesting frame for the cut glass beads that form a little posy of flowers."

Delving into Spiral's bio, I read this very intense and passionate artisan statement:

"What started out as a wish to make my own set of Goddess prayer beads turned into a full blown passion for designing and making jewelry. What was simply a childhood hobby of doodling and scribbling evolved into a deep interest in learning how to paint and draw. What used to be an amusing pastime of cutting up bits of paper and cloth and putting seemingly disparate images and objects together to create a whole new image turned into a penchant for putting visuals and dreams down on paper or canvass using these very bits of seemingly forgotten pieces. Many bazaars and art fairs later, this desire to create became a longing for the kind of life that allowed me dictate its pace, to savor moments, to translate these into tangible objects of beauty and to share these with people who appreciated them. This is what my little shop is about -- slowing down, breathing deep, taking time to look at the pretty little things, establishing relationships that go beyond the usual busyness of business."

Wishing you all the best Spiral !
Click HERE to visit her studio on Artfire


  1. wow! you're great write up made me sound like a rock star! i love it. thank you for the feature. going off to read some more great entries in this blog. :-)

  2. Spiral's a great writer, in addition to artisan!


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