Sunday, April 7, 2013

Personal Project: Planet Earth Stool Cover... using MikesTshirtYarn

For a long time now... I have been drooling over Mike's T-shirt Yarn. I kept thinking about making some needed rugs but that just didnt seem viable because it would pain me to see them get stained and dirty from Twilight's hard core clay soils. 

As time flew by and many a variegated ball of yarn, that would elicit wistful sighs from me, came & went from the shores of his shop... I finally could no longer resist !

"Each ball of yarn is made using a clean, no longer wanted T shirt. I accurately cut each shirt into a continuous ribbon of fabric (never any knots or seams). Next, I stretch the ribbon of fabric into the beautiful, smooth yarn that you see in my shop. I am always careful to make sure that the sides of the ribbon roll over nicely so that there are no cut edges showing. Each skein will come to you in a convenient, ready to use, center pull ball."

"Each T shirt used is a previously owned, once loved shirt. All of my yarns are truly a recycled product. I do not buy new t shirts to meet a particular color need, or for the purpose of dying. I do not dye any T shirts. The colorful (or Variegated) yarns are made using commercially or previously tie dyed shirts."

"Each ball of yarn is made from a single T shirt. I use clean but previously owned t shirts. Usually it is one color at a time because I rarely find multiple shirts of the same color that match. Even though I may have several balls of the same color they each came from an individual shirt and would not match each other exactly in color or hue."

"This yarn is an Eco Friendly product. Since each skein is cut by hand the only energy used is human energy. Cookies and milk are all that is needed to renew this energy source. Using T shirt yarn also means not using yarns that were made using a less eco-conscience method (factories)."

Cool, huh ?!
I love the way he describes his process.

At the time I ordered those three balls of yarn, I had no idea what I would use them for but... I felt sure that I would know by the time they got here. Its true - I did and a good thing too because by evening of their arrival- I was sitting to watch a movie with crochet needle in hand & began my project.

Ohhhh the colors are sooo awesome and Mike's T-shirt Yarn crocheted like a charm- so even, so soft and there is a friendly bounce to it as I pull the loops tight. VERY very yummy. 

By the time, the movie was over- I was listening to the movie's Special Features because there was no way I was stopping nor going to sleep. I was hooked big time :)

This is the end result and what I made: 
a seat cover for one of my wooden stools.
A happy planet earth swirling in space. 

I am so thrilled and since I have more than one stool... guess what ? I've already picked out the next three balls of yarn to make another one ! 

I'm in bliss and hope my butt doesn't dirty it up too much... but then I remembered that this beautiful cover was created from three previously worn t-shirts and that I can throw it into the washing machine to clean it any old time. 

Thanks Mike !

Click to visit his Etsy shop

Why not Celebrate Earth Day
by making yourself
something eco-friendly
with his yarn ?!

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