Thursday, August 5, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Rosy Outlook by verybigjen

ArtFire Collections have been abundant for me this week... It always feels so exhilarating for me to be included in a mini show especially when they are aesthetically pleasing to me.

Rosy Outlook, curated by verybigjen, is indeed a lovely Collection... one which is themed around the floral rose. One of my favorites is a bouquet of handmade miniature roses... check out this Collection on ArtFire for yourself.

Jen was gracious enough to include one of Brizel Handcrafts' Silk Tapestry Boxes...

Mauve Rose... a unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry Box, made of recycled silk sari yarn, perfect for storing a small memory keepsake ! This box is a sweet gentle fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring multicolored tones with pink highlights and embellished with a mauve pink vintage rose button.

Come visit my ArtFire Studio: Brizel Handcrafts for floral themed Silk Tapestry Boxes and my Etsy store: Brizel4TheAnimals for animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes !

Thanks so much for the Collection feature, Jen !

Here's an item from verybigjen's ArtFire studio, it captured my eye some weeks ago and I am delighted to be featuring it here on my blog. "As seen in the book Pretty Little Pincushions" and custom made by Jen Segrest...

That's right... these Eyeball Bottlecap Pincushion are "made to order in your choice of skin and eye color and option of bloodshot-ness." LOL Isn't is just sooooo cool. I want one !

"At just under 2" tall this is a little pincushion will creep out everyone around you while it's sitting on your dashboard, computer, desk sewing machine or in your sewing box....

Not only pretty, these are practical ! With the recycled soda bottlecap base even your smallest pins and needles can't punch through and needles won't get lost. Each is densely packed with polyfil to be solid so your pins and needles won't loosen over time or fall out if you drop them. They stay in !"

Jen's Artfire Studio, verybigjen, has a wonderful selection of unique and handmade pincushions... give it a stab and check out her store !

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  1. That is such a lovely collection and your mauve rose box is so very beautiful!


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