Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Treasury Thanks: Strong Warriors by KellyEMarra

STRONG WARRiORS is a superb Treasury curated by KellyEMarra which highlights symbols and images from native American culture.

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to certain aspects of this spiritual tradition as I am most at home with Earth based traditions. I have always felt comfortable respecting my ancestry, living close to the land, working with my hands, having close relationships with animals and when those things are in place in my life... I feel more connected to Spirit.


Click HERE to view Treasury on Etsy

I was delighted to be included in this Treasury, even if it was a humble piece of novelty fabric that got me in...

by Jennifer Sampon, Kaufman fabric

"A beautiful and unusual novelty cotton fabric with a native american inspired motif of golden beaded leather strands."

To view more novelty fabrics... please visit the brizel4TheAnimals Store by clicking HERE

Thanks so much for the feature....
Here's a beautiful pendant made by our curator-du-jour:

by KellyEMarra

"I made this colorful tribal necklace, perfect for fall, featuring one of my mother's cool tribal pendants. She hand paints these pendants on leather with many different designs. I have added a leather, nylon and polyester necklace and closed it with a silver tone lobster clasp."

To visit her store, please click HERE !

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  1. Love your blog, your causes, your pictures and your work. I can't believe I haven't been here before especially with the bond I feel.

    Here come those goosebumps.

    It will take a while to savor and digest all of this.


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