Saturday, September 11, 2010

Treasury Thanks: Aspiring for Animals by brazendesignstudio

Its been such a busy month working on behalf of the animals and, of course, that work is never ending... but none the less it feels good to be participating in the process :)

I'm thrilled to be showing off a gorgeous Treasury today called ASPiRiNG FOR ANiMALS curated by BrazenDesignStudio... an EFA member featuring EFA members !


It is beautifully composed... taking shapes, placement & color tones into consideration... not only does it look good but the products are diverse, interesting and with LOTS of different species of animals !

I particularly love the gecko ceramic pendant and Carol's weimaraner dog... of course Rendachs blankets always make me want to crawl in bed with her dogs. lol.

Click HERE to view this Treasury on Etsy.

I was very pleased to see one of my brizel4TheAnimals Silk Tapestry Boxes featured in this collection...

"Brizel Handcrafts presents, Hummingbird, a small unique handmade decorative vegan Silk Tapestry Box, made of banana silk yarn, perfect for storing a mini trinket !

Hummingbird is a sweet gentle fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring variegated banana silk yarn in aqua blue, moss green & brown colors & embellished with a gold metal tone hummingbird."

This is the smallest mini Silk Tapestry Box I've ever made and it measures approx: 2 3/8" in diameter x 1 5/8" high with an interior of 1 3/4" in diameter x 1 1/8" high.

During the month of September, 20% of all Silk Tapestry Box sales will be donated to DEFENDERS OF WiLDLiFE...

I've been putting an all-out effort to create & list as many animal themed boxes as I can. Come visit brizel4TheAnimals on Etsy to see a collection of some 30 different boxes... please click HERE to get there !

BrazenDesignStudio was wise enough to feature her own gorgeous watercolor...

... an orca Seascape !

"Orca Breach" is an original Watercolor Painting measuring approximately 7" x 8.5" on professional grade Watercolor Paper by Brazen Edwards-Hager.

"A solitary Orca Whale travelling west towards the open Pacific Ocean just off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I can't begin to describe the joy and exhilaration I felt when I saw the Orca break the surface and I've been aching to bring forth this inspirational painting for some time. The power and beauty of an Orca Whale also known as the Killer Whale, is a world renowned symbol for luck and happiness. The Whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life !"

© Copyright Brazen Design Studio
All Rights Reserved.

About Brazen Edwards Hager:

"My focus is mainly on the realistic portrayal of wildlife and the colourful and vibrant landscapes they inhabit. To capture and create a playful atmosphere where the viewer is left contemplating what an animal is thinking, is the foundation of my Sumi-e and Watercolors. Often described as the haiku of painting I am inspired by the elegance and simplicity of Sumi-e but have added a modern twist with my technique and use of watercolours. However remaining true to traditional methods, I still grind my own ink and use traditional bamboo brushes.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been painting and drawing animals. I used to come home from school, with a few strays in tow and my Mother would shake her head. My Grandmother is also an artist who saw my love for animals and nurtured my artistic talent by putting me in classes at the Edmonton Art Gallery. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be who I am today."

Brazen recently became a member of Team EFA
Please visit BrazenDesignStudio
by clicking HERE


  1. What a great story of artistic nurturing. A very talented artist!

  2. Eek - blogger deleted my last comment when I clicked to post it, so here goes a 2nd time...

    I absolutely love this treasury Nicole - full of my favourite colour tones & so many beautiful creations. Nice to find out more about Brazen too.


  3. I'm a fan for sure, lovely work.. all..colors are amazing.My only question is when do you sleep Nicole? Thanks for working so hard to make this campaign a success, you are on fire!!I'm in awe!!C

  4. Ooooo - la -la -lovely! Welcome to another talented team member - Go EFA!


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