Friday, September 10, 2010

ArtFire Collection: All Boxed Up by SpoiledBratzwear

I have been wildly working away on my animal Silk Tapestry Boxes which are being listed into my Etsy store: brizel4TheAnimals... I'm having a great deal of fun with them and since this month I am leading the way to fundraise for Defenders of Wildlife, Team EFA's Charity of the Month, I cant seem to get them listed into the shop fast enough. sigh.

Today's featured Collection is curated by a big hearted dog advocate & lover... on Etsy she is known as hatz4brats and on ArtFire: Spoiled Bratzwear. ALL BOXED UP is a fun ArtFire Collection of diversely different hand crafted boxes...

... made from a variety of materials: metal, ceramic, wooden, vinyl, card, silk... shaped, painted, embellished, stenciled, au-natural, photographic, and even made from reclaimed upcycled materials. Click HERE to visit Collection on ArtFire !

It was pleased that Holly featured one of Brizel Handcrafts' floral Silk Tapestry Boxes...

"Rhinestone Flower, a unique handmade decorative Silk Tapestry Box, made of recycled upcycled silk sari yarn, perfect for storing a small memory keepsake !

Rhinestone Flower is a charming gentle fiber arts container, with a lid of its own, featuring pastel colors with white highlights and embellished with a violet rhinestone floral vintage button."

To see more of my Silk Tapestry Boxes...
visit my ArtFire studio
for floral & celestial themed boxes
& my Etsy shop for animal totem boxes !

If you are a dog lover... then you will surely find & want at least a dozen plus items from either of Holly's stores. As a hat nut myself... I have to selfishly admit that *I* would want those products for myself... my justification is that my own dogs would never wear such things as they are 'country' dogs not 'city' dogs (lol)

Check this out...

Dogosaur Hat with glow in the dark accents

"Glowing good fun for Halloween or any day, this comfortable, lightweight fleece dinosaur dog hat will be the life of the party once the lights go out! Accented with glow in the dark paint, a touch of glitter and a glowing pom pom. Premium anti pill fleece is sculpted into a head costume for pets who don't like wearing the whole outfit but still want to celebrate in the festivities! Also perfect for keeping little ears warm in style.

Will fit most pets in the 10-20 pound range. Need a diffent size? From guinea pigs to Great danes, I can fit ANY pet. I can also fit children and adults. This is my own original design."

ha ha ha... omg... GUINEA PIGS !!!

A now... a little about Holly:

"I love creating my pet fashions with functionality and comfort being my main concerns. Living with practically hairless dogs, I specialize in SOFTNESS using plush microfibers and other premium fabrics in my designs. I'm not about mass-producing my petwear and I'm sure you will appreciate my attention to detail. Seams are hand cut after sewing, not serged. Threads are trimmed, ribbons are sealed, edges are turned and decoratively topstitched. Could I make it cheaper and faster? Sure, but when a customer tells me "'s as pretty on the inside as on the outside" I know I've done my job WELL. Everything is handmade from start to finish with great pride and a giggle.

As you can see from visiting my studio I like making a variety of high quality items from collars to clothing to beds. I use the best materials including Swiss and German thread, imported designer ribbon and incredible fabrics because your pets are WORTH it :) I buy from small, independant suppliers when possible so my fabrics are always unique....

I'm a pet wellness consultant / dog rescuer / hairdresser by trade but most importantly, a stay-at-home DOG MOM ! (and foster mom) I "forgot" to have skin kids but the hounds keep me so busy I don't really notice. Check out my rescue group which is what I do in my spare time!"

Click HERE to visit Etsy shop: hatz4brats
or HERE for SpoiledBratzwear on ArtFire


  1. This is incredibly cute! And Guinea Pigs!! I wonder how long before would eat it! I must take a look at this shop now...thanks!

  2. Awesome collection & super awesome dogosaur hat! Holly's products are inspirational & she generously donates some of them to ;-) Jx


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