Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brizel Handcrafts awarded Handmade Certification

I'm delighted to announce that my application to receive Handmade Certification for my Brizel Handcrafts studio on ArtFire was approved yesterday !

What this means is that my handcrafts studio has now been proudly branded with the above artifact and will now be recognized as having 'past the handmade test' there.

This award is only given to Pro members who are in 'good standing', have their studios up to par with 100% handmade items... have submitted information about themselves, their work & its process, including photographic 'evidence' of such... been reviewed & found to be eligible.

Here's what the application looks like:

Certified Handmade Artifact Application

Artisans must meet the following pre-requisites before an application for the Certified Handmade Artifact will be accepted:

1. Artisan must be a PRO member of ArtFire for at least 60 days.

2. Artisan must be in good standing with including

a. No outstanding cases concerning non-delivery of product.

b. No outstanding cases concerning mis-representation of products for sale

c. No outstanding cases concerning other violations of the ArtFire TOU

3. 100% of the items in the Applicants studio must be listed in Handmade or Fine Art. Studios with commercially produced supplies and destash are not eligible. There are two exceptions that can be made. You may list Handmade supplies in the "Supplies >> Handmade Supplies" categories. You are also allowed to have gift certificates to YOUR studio listed in "Media >> Gift Certificates".

4. Artisan studio must be complete and contain sufficient information including:

a. An avatar

b. A banner

c. Complete Studio Policies

d. A Bio with photo

5. Product photographs must be in-focus and of a reasonably sufficient size.

If you feel you meet the above requirements and you would like to submit an application to receive the Certified Handmade Artifact, please answer the following questions in full and send your complete application and photos to

What is your ArtFire User name?

What is your main handmade craft, including the Main Category you list your craft in? (I.E. You make hand knit scarves so you list in the “Knitting” main category.) :

Do you list in main categories other than your main craft?

If yes to the above, what other handmade crafts do you create and list on ArtFire?

Include the Main Category you list in as well.

Please explain in brief but concise detail your handmade process for each main category craft you list on ArtFire. (I.E.if you make Quilts AND Knitting work. Please explain each of your creative processes separately.)

You must include at least two pictures with your email showing your handmade process. You will need to provide:

• At least one picture of your workspace

• At least one picture of a “work in progress”. (I.E. a scarf that has been half knit but not completed).

You may submit more than two pictures. However we must see at least the two pictures detailed above to be considered for the Certified Handmade Artifact.


Well... that's that then !!!

Now I will get to use pretty little widgets like these and will also get to enjoy some of the Certified Handmade privileges... Not sure what they are yet but I imagine I will find out soon enough :)

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