Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ArtFire Collection: The Elusive Dragonfly by EmilyClaireCreations

I thought Dragonfly visiting season was over but a few nights ago as I was going outside to enjoy the moonlight, a large dragonfly zoomed by and attached itself on the screen door. She certainly wasn't elusive as I was able to carefully transfer her on my hand & take her with me on my walk. She did not stay long as the gentle breeze inspired her to take flight...

A celebration of dragonflies !
curated by EmilyClaireCreations

"Dragonflies are reminders that we are light
and can reflect the light in powerful ways
if we choose to do so.

“Let there be light”
is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination
as a force within your life."

This beautiful quote is written by our curator-du-jour, Valerie from EmilyClaireCreations whose lovely ArtFire Collection adorns this blog post. If you'd like a closer look at THE ELUSIVE DRAGONFLY click HERE.

I was delighted that Brizel Supplies was included in this lovely grouping of dragonfly products...

"... A magical hand painted Czech glass button: a large red & green dragonfly with iridescent pink wings stretches out on a milk white and blue sky... They say that when you see a Dragonfly... the doors into the fairy realm are wide open for you to step through...."

To see more lovely buttons...
come visit Brizel Supplies:
... click HERE to visit my ArtFire Studio !

Valerie included one of her wondrous dragonfly pendants in this Collection:

"This handmade distressed pendant depicts a dragonfly in flight, over a field of flowers. Accented with a wooden flower bead. Made from high quality turquoise blue polymer clay and distressed with black acrylic paint. It is sealed with a satin polymer glaze."

"Making jewelry makes me supremely happy. It is a one true medium where I can express myself. I follow my bliss. I believe it shows in my designs. Jewelry should be something anyone can wear no matter what size, shape, age or color you are, it is a statement to accentuate your personality." EmilyClaireCreations

Click HERE to visit EmilyClaireCreations !

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