Friday, September 24, 2010

ArtFire Collection: Of The Earth by TekaandZoe

Autumn is now officially here. Seems a little sudden but really mama earth has been whispering hints of fall for several weeks. In this neck of the woods, it's a little early as we enjoy Indian Summers... somehow I feel sure that we will still enjoy some warm days ahead... in fact, as I look at the forecast, we may see a few days above 100F yet.

I sat outside yesterday, enjoying a little personal time, journaling and made a note of all the nature sounds I heard... birds drinking from buckets of water, bugs buzzing, crows clicking as they flew over head, lizards scurrying across leaves, a frog croaking, wasps looking for insects to kidnap, woodpeckers pecking at bark, hummingbirds hovering to check out my colorful shirt... How busy nature can bee :) 


I love this ArtFire Collection... OF THE EARTH curated by TekaandZoe. You can click HERE to see it live, although it will not look the same due to items having sold :) 

The colors and products in the above version hold their own and yet this grouping of beautiful wares have an overall grounding effect that holds true for the element that it seeks to represent. Well done !

Thanks so much, I am delighted that one of Brizel Handcrafts' Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches was included in this earthy Collection...

"Brizel Handcrafts presents This Golden Earth, a bohemian style ooak wearable fiber art belt bag... a unique Silk Tapestry Hip Pouch perfect for special occasions & events !

A gorgeous multicolored waist purse featuring recycled silk sari yarn in tones of greens & browns... golden yellows & oranges. This Silk Tapestry pouch has been carefully embellished with an earthen gold vintage button, which secures the front closure flap, and synthesized on a hand woven Guatemalan cotton sash belt of golden ochre tones with red brown stripes."

Click HERE if you'd like to see more Hip Pouches
 ... visit my Handcrafts studio on ArtFire !

But before you do... you'll want to feast your eyes on these gorgeous Gypsy Earrings... handcrafted by my curator-du-jour, TekaandZoe... 

"Disks of copper, first shaped and then enameled. The inspiration for the color was the beads. I fell in love with these Czech beads. This pair uses numerous colors and firings to achieve this blend of Dark Grey with Oranges, Reds, Sunflower and more. Each earring has 35 bead wraps, so 70 for the pair. They are assembled with oxidized sterling silver and have handcrafted ear wires."

Don't you think they would go perfectly with my Hip Pouch... oh yeah... gorgeous !!!

By the way... 
Teka and Zoe are the names of 
the chihuahuas that look to this artisan :)

Visit TekaandZoe's ArtFire studio by clicking HERE !

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