Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blessed Be! Mabon is Here! Happy Equinox!



"Set Sail, Set Sail ! The end of the summer is neigh and the voyage to The Apple Land begins where you left off... May your journey be as meaningful as you will allow... May your season be filled with harvest full of insight and healing... May your Ancestors and relations greet you with open arms & joy... and May the Gods bless you and your beloveds. Set Sail, Set Sail !" Brizel

I have not yet discovered nor met the pagan community on ArtFire and perhaps as the Autumn unfolds I will meet a few more souls who hold... Sister Moon, Father Sun, and beautiful Mama Earth with all Her wondrous creatures... as the most sacred manifestation of the divine. We are the key to safeguarding this beauty... the journey of it is often difficult but worthwhile to take.

THANK YOU to DesigningImpressions for creating a Collection in celebration of Mabon, Autumn Equinox, and for spreading the joy which artists and artisans alike have in creating products inspired by our seasons. Click HERE to view this beautiful Collection on ArtFire.

Brizel Handcrafts was featured in BLESSED BE! MABON IS HERE! and presents a unique adaptation of a St Brigid Cross, a prayers cross, attributed to the Celtic saint and goddess Brigid / Brigit...

"This Celtic wall cross is handmade from apple wood... a beautiful item for your altar or hearth, for above your doorway or to gift as a housewarming / house blessing present !

Brigid crosses are solar symbols, equal armed and stretching in four directions, which symbolically encourages the strength of the Sun through our front doors and into our homes. It is a talisman believed to bring protection, blessing, fertility and prosperity into our households."

To read more about Brizel's Brigid Crosses, Click HERE.
To visit Brizel Handcrafts... HERE.

My curator-du-jour, DesigingImpressions, is an avid jewelry maker... Here is one of her beautiful autumn themed necklaces...

"Beautiful colors of fall and the changing colors of the leaves... Two string necklace with imitation champagne colored pearls with large antique brass focal. Accented with dyed red quartz, green dyed quartz and natural jasper. Antique brass toggle. Length is 23.5"."

Click Here to visit DesigningImpressions ArtFire Studio !


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  3. It was lots of fun making that collection. There were so many inspirational pieces all beautifully made. I'm glad to have your brigid cross amongst them all. Many blessings upon you and yours.

  4. That cross is really beautiful Nicole and what a gorgeous treasury. But what I liked most of all is your blessings verse at the beginning.

    Harvest time is when we reap what we've sown - may you reap many blessing for all the beauty and love you've brought to the earth this year, dear friend!



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