Saturday, October 2, 2010

30/30 Silk Tapestry Box Challenge

Accepting the 30/30 Challenge !

At the beginning of last month, one of my Etsy for Animals (EFA) Team colleagues made a challenge... to make and list 30 handmade products in 30 days. I was already juiced up and in production mode on my animal themed Silk Tapestry Boxes but accepting the 30/30 challenge was an opportunity to commit to producing a set amount. I was stoked and ready for it !

The silk yarns that I use to create Brizel's Silk Tapestry products are made from reclaimed silk threads and loom warps, left overs from a silk sari garment factories... they are reclaimed and hand spun into gorgeous thick sport weight yarns. The vegan Silk Tapestry Boxes are made with banana silk yarn, a silk like yarn made from banana fibers; rayon yarn and/or cotton/hemp yarn.

Here are all 30 of the animal Silk Tapestry Boxes I listed during the month of September... they are are embellished with novelty buttons, hand painted ceramic beads, carved gemstone beads or metal findings:

Autumn Squirrel

Beckoning Cat

Bee Dance

Blue Butterfly

Bold Eagle

Cheetah Face

Cobalt Cougar

Earth Pony

Feral Feline

Floating Sea Otter

Forest Toad

Forest Wolf

Fruit Bat

Howling Wolf


Leaf Frog

Lunar Moth

Mama Bear

Oliver Owl

Papa Polar Bear

Prairie Bison

Russian Blue Cat

Smiling Fox

Southwest Wolf

Sunset Raven

Terrier Dog

Tropical Frog

Tundra Elk

White Rabbit

Woodland Stag

20% of all brizel4TheAnimals' Silk Tapestry Boxes go to benefit animal charities: 10% to Defenders of Wildlife and 10% to Team EFA's Charity of the Month program, which benefits The Feral Cat Rescue Program: this month.

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  1. Oh man, I picked out my favorites, these are all incedible, each with it's own distinct charm and personality. I think Lobo Moon and Otter, but then there's Mama Bear.. too many really nice ones,can't make up my mind..great job Nicole, you inspire me too!

  2. These are so magical and inspiring to me too! :0) Wonderful work!!!

  3. WOWEE Nicole! You have been so busy - I'm impressed ;-) Each one of your wee boxes is so unique & special. My personal favourites are the Bee Dance & Sunset Raven but there's really something there for everyone... Jx

  4. This is an incredible amount of work-you are the industrious woman! My secret...all the cats! Love them!

  5. I'm so impressed with the work that you do! I love that they are reclaimed! And such gorgeous colors!
    You're really a master at choosing the right colors to go with the right animal button!
    All of the boxes have that sense of harmony about them!

  6. Wow - a whole forest of gorgeous animal boxes - these are fantastic!


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