Sunday, May 31, 2009

blooms in Spiral Garden, Twilight

A quick offering from the Spiral Garden on this fine 'mostly cloudy' day.

I've titled this picture "Behind Bunny"... He is the first guardian one encounters at the entrance to the Spiral Garden at Twilight. The gate is in the East and the first quadrant of this large scale altar is dedicated to the colors and/or plants ruled by this direction... pinks, yellows, pastels, whites and light purples... amidst the many plants & shrubs... mexican poppies, roses, carnations, sages, lavenders, rock roses... with cypresses on the exterior... these are planted east to west on the southern side.

Speaking of sages here are two ceremonial sages in full bloom with the Santalina behind it getting ready to burst.

Now we are entering the southern part of the Spiral Garden... Here's a yellow Echinacea in full bloom with the another wonderful yellow bloomer behind it... a variety of sage. The yellows begin to become more fiery as we progress into oranges and reds...

This is one of my many favorite roses- otherwise known as a Joseph's Coat... it changes color as the bloom matures !

This is one of the most beautiful blue flowers I've ever seen... a powder blue with some hints of periwinkle... So breathtaking ! Right now this plant is in the West... but one day I will have the courage to transplant it in the East, where it clearly belongs :)

An absolutely enormous mallow which thrives on the outside edge of the Spiral Garden. This is a favorite cut flower on all the altars at the moment !

This photographic shot has now become a historical picture... the dome will never look like that again (see above).

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