Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dome looses its bay window due to hail

Not everyday brings good news... but its how I choose to deal with the difficult situations that determines how stressful I make it...

I am, without doubt,  going through an interesting stage in my personal growth & development. lol... and at the moment... the best course of action on my part can be summed up by the tarot archetype "the hanged one"... Surrendering as a place of power and choice, within very limited parameters, can be tricky for my Virgo side but thank goodness i have plenty of Pisces in my personality to render assistance. But perhaps I digress.

Yesterday we had a rather heavy duty hail storm along with lightning, thunder and wind... and the consequence on the aging bay window of the dome was rather apocalyptic. Despite painting the huge bay window last year, in an attempt to strengthen a UV weakened plastic... the hail pierced through its skin shattering its upper level and compromising the middle one. 

I am grateful that the storm hit during daylight and stopped around 2pm, leaving me time to take the necessary measures. My special thanks to my ex-partner, Christopher, for his phone support, and to my ranch friend Radzy for helping me secure the plastic tarp.

Due to the age of the dome skin, I doubt that making repairs to the bay window are worth the efforts or costs... other parts of the canvas have and are failing... It is indeed the end of an era here at Twilight... and evidently "all good things must come to an end".

This upcoming dry season will be an excellent time to meditate on future options of re-birthing the dome. Those will include considerations such as a new skin (with fewer bells and whistles to fail) or perhaps a more permanent solution such as a serious adobe style papercrete plaster.

In the meantime... lets hope that the remainder of the T-storms heading this direction will be mild.

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