Thursday, May 21, 2009

BRiGiT ALTAR, well house, Twilight

This is an image of the permanent Brigit altar at Twilight... it resides in the well house... 460 feet above the source of water for the property...

The main components on the altar are:
a large papier mache swan... a cow bell... a wheat doll... a Brigit Cross plaque with entertwining raspberries... a yellow glass vase with whatever is blooming in the gardens at the time... a White Lady statue... an oak leaf & acorn platter... two ceramic pot covers with spirals or suns... and a signed copy of a portrait of Her by Chesca Potter.

Not seen but nearby: a large metal anvil and a glass bowl.

Hail Brigit !!!

"Brigit of the Mantles, Brigit of the Peat Heap,
Brigit of the Twining Hair, Brigit of the Augury

Brigit of the White Feet, Brigit of Calmness,
Brigit of the White Palms, Brigit of the Cattle

Brigit... Woman Comrade, Brigit of the Peat Heap,
Brigit.. Woman Helper, Brigit.. Woman Strength "

(Incantation adapted from the Carmina Gadelica by 19th century Scottish folklorist Alexander Carmichael)

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