Sunday, May 3, 2009

i keep on going !

A very good friend of mine, Judy, gave me a wonderful fridge magnet last summer... It has a Winston Churchill quote that reads: "If you're going through Hell, Keep going...".

It was a perfect gift then and continues to be appreciated every day. Apart from loving the concept behind the saying... showing me exactly where my power is during tough times... i adore how the magnet was designed... arranging the quote in a circular motion... it certainly creates the needed motion to carry out its motion. lol.

Another friend of mine, Michelle, who runs a 24/7 Ebay store selling wonderful vintage buttons... had a large glass red cabochon with cherries on it... It was so bright and cheerful... I had no idea what i would do with it but i got it anyway... Last night I finally glued a large circular magnet behind it and placed it at the center of Winston's quote. PERFECT !

The cherries remind me of Mary Engelbreit's work... and as i recall she has an image that says: "Life is a bowl of cherries" so now... not only do i get to keep going during the tough times... but there are tantalizing cherries that beckon to me... Are they a pre-verbial carrot ? its SO... LiFE AFFiRMiNG !!! Whatever works, right ?

Gratitude to both Judy and Michelle !

Flowering Rainier cherry at Twilight April '09

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