Friday, May 8, 2009

king MAWR

The wonderful spring rains have subsided and we are now enjoying sunny weather in the upper 70s.... a rare day up here in the mountains !

Mawr ('Ma...wer') poses for me from the rooftop... He's been with me at Twilight for over two years... Originally born in this county some 9 years ago, Ellen had named him 'Superman'... but when Gabriel adopted him, being a 'Welsh-o-file', settled on his version of the name.... 'Mawr'... which means 'big' in Welsh... and he is that... weighing at least fifteen pounds, our handsome fellow has an extra digit on each of his paws. Originally... Gabriel had plans on giving him harp lessons... but this of course never happened... Instead... he became a level 2 Reiki kitty !

Mawr's main job today is to enjoy life as well as to keep Dingo company...

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