Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trellis wall for rose... Spiral Garden, Twilight

The scented rose which climbs on the trellis at the entrance of the Spiral Garden at Twilight is blooming like never before... Its a pink rose which Gabriel & I had chosen on one of our many excursions to the Antique Rose Nursery. I'm not sure that I even know its name at this point !

Today, I was finally able to realize the plan to cut down the hardware cloth wall at the beginning of the spiral path and erect a new trellis wall for the climbing rose to spread. The wall was spontaneously created with existing resources... some lovely rusted metal lengths which became the uprights... wrapped with horizontal lengths of heavy gauge galvanized metal wire. The wall spans approx 12' long x 8' high... and it was created this afternoon !

This wall when covered with the rose will hide the plastic shed from sight, as well as help to disperse the view of the neighbor's mansion !

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