Friday, May 29, 2009


For me, Tarot is a spiritual tool which renders aid to me as I grow and heal into a more balanced human being. Becoming one of 'those' is a never ending process, just like the maintenance on my property. lol. I don't use Tarot as a fortune telling device because I believe that once I place my awareness on a subject that its path has changed as a consequence. However like everything... choices have consequences and its helpful for me to 'see/feel' what the potentials are at any given crossroads.

In my opinion, Tarot archetypes hold wisdoms that are both rich & deep, and similar to the astrological signs and planets, have a plethora of meanings that I perceive to have a sliding scale. Divining, for me, is understanding 'which' meaning and 'how much'.

Brizel Tarot Key Message Bracelets were conceived as a complimentary spiritual tool. They are fun, colorful... perfect for the Child Self and Fetch aspect of our beings.

Each bracelet represents one of the major arcana archetypes and spells out an affirmation that reminds us of its enduring wisdom, as well as helps us keep focus on its positive message throughout the day.

By creating powerful daily mantras, one can attract what we want !

Created with white ceramic alphabet cube beads... each side with the same letter in a different color...

embellished with different specific colored Tagua nut nugget beads...

and adorned with a key & padlock charm...

these symbols remind us that solutions and challenges often present themselves at the same time !

Brizel Key Message Bracelets can become a perfect daily reminder !

They are strung with a high quality stretch nylon.... & gift wrapped in an appropriately colored organza bag.

Please visit Brizel Handcrafts if you'd like to see more of my work... you can press here and away to there you'll go !

©2009 Nicole Planchon ALL rights reserved

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