Friday, August 14, 2015

Rocky Fire Approaching Twilight 7-31

Rocky Fire began 
at 3.30pm on 7-29
east Lower Lake, CA

Photos taken July 31st
17,500 acres burned 
at this juncture
moving northbound 
towards Twilight

During this time
it was not unusual
to have burned oak
leaves, pine needles
and ash falling
from the sky.


  1. Scary! That looks like is was pretty close at that point!

  2. In reality it was still 2 days away from coming through the property. But ya, that second plume of fire to the left seemed just a ridge away...

  3. The before (leafy greens) and after photos are truly impressive and sad.

  4. Wow... for being two days away, it looks incredibly close and incredibly huge!


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