Saturday, August 15, 2015

After Rocky Fire… Spiral Garden Destroyed

The 80' diameter
Spiral Garden
did not survive
the onslaught of
Rocky Fire

There is a 
smattering of
plants on the interior
that may pull through
but whilst the
Italian cypresses
look like they may
- they won't -
with the exception
of the smallest one on
Merlin's grave.

The biggest 
remaining hope
in this garden
are the Buddleias
(butterfly bushes)
on its exterior
which will need
to be cut back
for new growth.


  1. This just makes me cry. So, so sad.

    1. I wont let myself but i imagine it will happen soon.

  2. That is one very sad sight! So sorry!

  3. The pictures really make it painfully clear. I feel so very sad about your beautiful garden. On a brighter note, when they do controlled burns at the forest, it's amazing how green it looks again in a year and what pops up.

    1. Indeed. These are not wilderness plants though. Its been 10 days of watering and i do get a good idea of what will survive. By the third week i think it will be clear what can be dug out and composted.

  4. The pictures are overwhelming to say the least.
    But without a doubt, with your Love of nature, animals and your strength and commitment, you will rebuild what was once, into an even more beautiful land full of green trees and flowers.
    Stay strong!

    1. This project was an immense one to start with and now that its community aspect failed to come to fruition- it is time to downsize it. After the clean up and the new year comes- it will be interesting to see how i feel about all of it. Maybe it will be time to commit to selling down the road.


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