Monday, August 17, 2015

After Rocky Fire… The Map

Due to the heat (106F) and smoldering hot spots, its been real smoky these last 2 days... 95,000 acres has burned so far... Rocky Fire was 69,500 acres and Jerusalem which is still burning is at 25,100 acres this morning. This 'second' fire began because an ex-firefighter, now pot grower, decided to do an illegal 'back burn' around his precious plants in order to protect them from Rocky Fire. I hope his place burned down. Not sure yet what started Rocky Fire but it was by humans in the Lower Lake area, many miles away from Twilight. 

Rocky Fire should never have jumped Hwy 20 but their firefighting focus was on the southern and eastern ends until Saturday, the day we were evacuated and our area became its clear next destination. I honestly believe that compromises and concessions were made... evidenced by their fore-knowledge that the fire would burn through the ranch 3-4 days before it actually did so. Cal-Fire were unwilling to disclose the fact that Rocky Fire had jumped Hwy 20 & burned through my property Monday until Tuesday evening whilst The Press Democrat published its statement early Monday morning. Cal-Fire was also unwilling to tell us the condition of our properties- the only thing that gave us hope was a live helicopter footage taken on Wednesday afternoon by Channel 3 News which a friend happen to see on YouTube.

Regardless of those administrative decisions and lack of air tankers in our area, I am immensely grateful to the one that dropped fire retardant all over my buildings / property; and to the fire fighting crews whom helped insure that my structures did not burn on Monday. Thank you and to those idiot fire starters: you suck beyond words.


  1. Yes, it could have been worse and I'm grateful that it wasn't too. It's just so hard to accept that one fire was caused by someone who should know better. And even if they were held accountable, how could restitution ever be made?

  2. It can't and yet that person should suffer some consequences.


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