Sunday, August 16, 2015

After Rocky Fire… Mountain and Upper Orchards

The upper water tanks
were spared from fire
damage and so was the
northern strip of the property.

Olives, Figs, Mulberry trees 
were not damaged
one cherry was scorched
50% of the new French lavenders
are unlikely to recover

Dingo's Tree as well
as Gurdy's Daisy Shrub
are doing fine though.

Some of the oaks, pines, 
manzanitas on the 
mountain side
may recover


  1. The pictures really give a perspective of the enormity of the damage. Looks like the fire got a little bit of just about everything and a lot of some things. Seeing some green is a welcome sight and thank goodness the water tanks were burned, although it looks like they had a very close call!

    1. Meant to say glad the water tanks were NOT burned!

    2. I havent taken any wide sweeping views of the overall landscape- like the live copter footage said- there's a lot of drama out there.

  2. That scorched mountainside is quite telling! But it's so good to know and see that some green still lives, and especially that those special grave areas were spared!! Fingers crossed that there is recovery on the mountainside.

  3. Thanks Rebecca. It is comforting to gaze upon the green strips & the hear or see fauna survivors- so far, hare, rabbit, chipmunk, potato bug, praying mantis, lizard, bird, spiders…


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