Friday, August 14, 2015

After Rocky Fire… Views from the Veggie Garden

The first photo was 
taken from the same location
that the Rocky Fire Approaching 
photographs were taken.

These show the vegetable garden
where 3 raised beds were burned 
to the ground; a plastic shed
and tool box melted away;
Italian cypresses scorched
beyond hope and all
the rosemaries that were 
at their feet have vaporized.

Today, Bruce repaired two 
of the raised beds 
that were fire damaged… 
we will still have six 
raised beds that can be used.
A miracle, really.


  1. ...and then the new life re-birthed from the ashes. All will be beautiful again Nicole. xoxo

  2. Both sad and amazing at the same time! Wishing you all the best as you work to recover from the fire.

  3. So sad to see all your beautiful plants and hard work scorched and burned to the grown.

  4. Heart-wrenching; yet I know you are a determined, strong woman and your positivity in restoring the land and keeping roots planted will surely attract the resources you need to do so. May Cosmos make it so.

  5. Poor plants! I'm glad to see some of the raised beds survived though.

    1. Yes indeed- 4 survived unscathed, 2 have been repaired and we are in the process of taking out the three that burned. I've got 6 large 100 gallon fabric pots that can be used in their stead.


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