Sunday, October 25, 2009

Upper orchard trees @Twilight

The Upper Orchard at Twilight are two groupings of fruit trees situated on the uphill east of the floral Spiral Garden and right above the apple Winter Spiral.

The south facing Upper Orchard is a group of 14 fruit bearing trees... 2 cherries, 2 mulberries, 4 pears, 2 quinces, and 4 nectarines. All are individually unique in terms of variety.

These are all young trees which were planted in bare root form some 6-7 years ago so they do not yet produce substantially. The usual challenges with water hardness, borer beetles and a lack of financial means have not helped to heighten production either... but all being well, this too shall pass and future improvements will assist.

Nectarine in full autumn mode

The quinces have been the most consistent in producing fruit- and large ones too ! I have two different varieties: Smyrna and Pineapple... It has been wonderful to find recipients for the fruit and then hearing back from them about their successes.

For example, my friend Jo(hanna) sent me home the other day with some of my very own quinces... stewed for hours in cinnamon, cloves & maple syrup. Therefore my version of breakfast these last three mornings was adjusted to include warm stewed quinces with my usual heaping cup of honey granola, almonds, raisins and vanilla yoghurt. Very healthy AND berry deeee-licious !

The biggest tree in the Upper Orchard: an albino fruit bearing mulberry !

The north facing Upper Orchard is a grouping of 6 fruit trees... three olives and three figs... and these were planted to honor my Mediterranean ancestors. They are also individually unique in terms of variety.

All the olives, of course, produce BLACK olives... two are for making oil and the third is for pickling fruit. These are doing well and each year prosper in height and with fruit. I look forward to the time when i can sit under their shade and read a book :)

The fig varieties are Black Mission, Brown Turkey and White Genoa... alas the harshness of last winter left the fig production scant this year.. but it was better than loosing the trees altogether, which is what happened to Jo's fig tree. I hope this winter will be gentler on them and that they will perk up next season... because... as my youngest brother, Philippe, so fondly remembers...

There's nothing like a ripe fig picked from the tree that pops straight into ones mouth melting and delighting ones senses... YUM !

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