Saturday, October 31, 2009

Animal update @Twilight

GREETiNGS on Hallow's Eve... and also full moon night !

Here are some recent photos of me and my family and animal friends...

My new avatar showing off my new GreenWoman hat, with coordinated earrings and Bee-licious necklace... created by two of my very favorite Etsy artists: Cerublu, a crochet & textile Goddess, who lives much as i do in Australia... and lkfarnsworth, a talented writer and maker of colorful adornments, who is currently under a snow siege in Denver, Colorado.

You can press on their store names to explore their wonderful Etsy shops. I will be posting more photos of some of their delicious wares and in the upcoming future will be featuring them on this blog !

Dingo wanted to participate in the self portrait series so here she is in all her glory... she is doing well and loving her new daily diet of three home cooked meals consisting of baby oats, chicken, spinach... sweetened with honey and topped with slippery elm syrup & two papaya digestive enzymes. If I wasn't a vegetarian... i'd be sharing one of her meals... at least... lol

This is what happens when I leave the property... Merlin & Nimue congregate at the gate... waiting... waiting... until my return. They enthusiastically throw themselves into the van upon my arrival and ride up the hill as if they were the charioteers :)

Ah yes, Zippy Zip... now king of felines at Twilight... a wild thing who zig zags up the Empress trees when the wind is blowing- miow-ing in defiance at the swaying leaves. Such an independent soul... but always comes home in the end to cuddle up with the dogs & me (or is it the dogs and I ?).

And lastly... meet Svernia, an icelandic pony who lives on the ranch at Jo's house, along with 6 other stallions: Andie, Fly Boy, Cappy, Memur, Bastian, and Bleiker. Her two mares live off property as the boys tend to misbehave when they are around. Ha ha ha- ain't that the truth of it :)

I've been taking Svernia for walks once a week and last week actually got to ride him. WOW... The first horse back riding i have done in.... 30 years. I hope to get together with Jo and the stallions once a week for some horse loving fun !

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