Thursday, October 8, 2009

a little Dingo update

We all slept well here... in fact... i slept in a little :) I spent the first half of the night with the large ones on the 'big bed' and then shifted on to Dingo's yummy down mattress bed. Yep, I sleep with Dogs every day of the week... they make the best teddy bears !

Dingo was ready to 'zoom' outside when i got up. She went down the steps before i could put ramp in place and went outside to do her business. I did put the handle straps on her when she was ready to go up the ramp on her return voyage.

She has had breakfast which was amplified with warm honey water which she is wanting at the moment. I think the warmth and Arnica has made all the difference for her. I do not think i will shy from giving her a higher dosage of it if the same thing happens again... I just wasnt sure if she was lying down to die, in which case it would have been a different homeopathic remedy. But it seems, Dingo is not quite ready to leave this plane and prefers to sleep on this one for right this minute. Lucky me !

So... it will be one day at a time... and probably 3 times up & down the ramp every day... I am grateful to be a work-from-home fur mom. We shall see what each day will bring... Dark moon is only 10 days away and energy tends to naturally deplete as that unfolds. I will report in with updates on this particular post :)

Thanks to everyone for your continued love & support !
MUCH gratitude,

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