Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please send love to Dingo !

Dear Dingo Fans...

It is with a sad heart that I write to ask for prayers and positive soothing healing energy to be sent to Dingo.

At approximately 17yrs of age Dingo is feeling very tired, almost ready to transition out of her body but is still waiting for that 'right' moment. Last night she just couldnt make it up the ramp into her bedroom (her legs were not strong enough) so she slept by the door. I rigged up a makeshift bed there and Zippy Zip stayed with her through the night whilst I went back and forth between being with her and the alternative space I created for Nimue & Merlin in a seperate building.

It is a hard transition for me so I spent the first few hours talking to a couple of friends on the phone whilst i figured out what to do for her. I gave both of us some rescue remedy and then gave her 200c Arnica for muscles, aches & pains and trauma. We snuggled up together and i talked with her about our times together and then i told her a bedtime story- her story- and we slept together.

This morning she got up and went outside to go potty and smell the air... then went up her ramp to settle on her down pillow bed... the most comfortable bed in the world... which resides a few feet from my computer/office.

Please send us lots of love and courage as we transition into another phase.

with gratitude,


to my friend BJ who was available right away to chat with me last night;

to my friend Julia for the same & her usual assistance with long distance 'muscle testing' & support work; and to her daughter, Mari, for her psychic diagnosis of the situation.

to my friend Karen, a very talented animal communicator, for talking with Dingo


  1. nicole: i am so sorry for your pain & impending loss. i'm praying for you both - for strength & peace. hold tight to your joy as well. last year i experienced losing my most precious love of all my dogs - Leo - who passed at age 8 to kidney disease. i literally did not function for weeks... my grief was so intense. i did get through it though & now when i start to feel pain i am able to transition my thoughts to all the love & joy we had! this is what i hope for you. pat

  2. Nicole ~ I too am praying and sending thoughts your way of peace, calm and strength while you and your Dingo are going through this very heart-breaking and tough time :( Huge huge hugs coming your way from Canada xoxoxoxoxo

    Lots of love


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