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an introduction to... Brizel Hip Button Belts

Brizel Hip Button Belts are hand crocheted special occasion belts made of smooth colorful satin cord and embellished with high quality vintage collectible buttons from around the world.

They are designed with a reversible pattern: two different complimentary motifs with unique centerpieces. The ties are placed to one’s side so that the centerpiece is positioned at the bellybutton.

Simply flip the belt over to enjoy the other motif at the front !

Creating the designs on a Brizel Hip Button Belt is a work of meditation and artistry.

Each button must bring harmony to the overall balance of the motif and this can only be achieved with the correct color tone, texture, shape & size button.

Finding the right buttons to create a Brizel Hip Button Belt takes a serious dedication to collecting a wide range of buttons and often they must come from a variety of sources to achieve the desired effect !

There can be up to eleven different pairs of buttons per belt... five pairs on each side which rhythmically alternate into the design motif that is becoming typical of my belt work.

Brizel Hip Button Belts are decorative ornamentations... designed to be worn on special occasions... over a tunic, robe, dress, skirt or slacks...

Brizel Hip Button Belts are silky & delicate and should be treated with care.

The philosophy behind the product...

In the mundane world, both belts and buttons connect individual layers together...

In ancient weaving traditions, Guatemala for example, warp strings represented the umbilical cord between the divine and the individual.

Back strap looms were tied to trees and the weaver would sit to create their beautiful sashes... out in nature under the tree of life.

In witchcraft and in some shamanic traditions, the cord, or belt, is the ‘tool’ associated with Ether... that which brings Consciencousness to the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

It is that Divine spark that brings soul & presence into those elements which we are all intrinsically a part of.

Generally speaking, buttons are round in shape... The circle is regarded to be one of the most powerful religious symbols... as there is no end nor beginning to it.

Jung says that by contemplating this great primordial image... we are analyzing and reflecting on the self.

Buttons, in a variety of cultures, have a great many interesting spiritual and magical meanings... one example is with four hole buttons, for when sewn in place with a cross can represent the Crossroads, a noteworthy place to be !

The Nanai, an ancient Siberian shaman tribe, use buttons on their ceremonial robes to ward off evil spirits.

In my own personal mythic imagination... a button is the pre-verbial coin that fuels a call to the ‘other world’.

A button becomes a symbol of a prayer and a belt the pathway to connecting with Spirit.

Brizel Hip Button Belts are a manifestation of a desire to connect and celebrate life with the Divine !


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  2. Those are beautiful Nicole and I learned some things too. My favorites are the ones with the gorgeous shell buttons!


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