Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treasury Thanks... Knee Deep Originals

I'm very pleased to be sharing a Treasury Thanks with you today... its another fabulous installment by Knee Deep Originals... a mountain sister, on the eastern slopes, clear across country.

The lovely dusty colors... their divine textures... the compelling composition... the unusual and unique products... all drew me into Rebecca's:


A big THANK YOU to Knee Deep Originals for featuring one of Brizel's Silk Tapestry Hip Pouches... Woodland Tweed is honored to be surrounded by so many beautiful items. If the pouch had been photographed with hands in the frame- I would have liked to reach out and snatch the neighboring scarf when no one was looking. oh well...

I'll be sharing a lot more about my Silk Tapestry Pouches soon ... in the meantime, please come visit both Brizel Handcraft stores to see the unique faces of many a hip pouch ! Click HERE for Etsy inventory and Click HERE for ArtFire inventory.

Before you sign off though...
feast your eyes on a few of my favorites items in
Rebecca's lovely Etsy store: Knee Deep Originals

Grace of Morning Light
original oil painting

Just Be
Piano key scrimshaw pendant

Circle of Life
mama of pearl earrings

Origins Medicine Bag

Knee Deep Studios... "where nature-inspired, soul-created original jewelry and oil paintings come to life. There is and will be only one of each item that you see in my store. Each is handmade to be one-of-a-kind because I believe that each item is special in itself and that we all deserve to own one-of-a-kind items. Please note that all my work is created in a smoke-free environment in the middle of the North Carolina woods. "

To find out a little bit more about Rebecca... read another blog feature I wrote about her HERE !
to visit Rebecca's Knee Deep Originals' store...

Also highly recommended...
... a visit to her Blog page HERE

Image & text copyrights remain with the artists of origin


  1. Wow! Thanks so much, Nicole, my western mountain sister! I'll share on my Facebook page and with other Etsians! And I love your comment about barefoot's scarf! I too LOVE her work!

  2. Wonderful post on a wonderful woman and artist!
    Also, I was thrilled to have my art featured in that beautiful treasury she made!

  3. Wow - beautiful items - makes me want to shop!! Thanks Nicole, enjoyed this very much.

  4. What a wonderful feature! I love Rebecca, love her work too! And it's so happy-making to be included here by way of her gorgeous treasury!!!
    :) Mollie

  5. Rebecca is wonderful and talented - and that is a great treasury...if i say so myself! XO laura

  6. A Beautiful treasury and a lovely feature! I love Grace of Morning Light too.

  7. A beautiful treasury by Rebecca & your hip pouch fits right in Nicole! What you wrote about snatching the scarf from next door made me laugh ;-)

  8. love rebecca's work. gorgeous!

  9. love the treasury and wonderful kneedeepstudios feature! great! :)

  10. Great Feature about a Fabulously Multi-Talented Artist!! Rebecca's work is continaully inspiring to me and I was/am honored to be included in her wondrous Treasury seen above. Great Blog and Beautiful creations, Brizel!!

  11. What a fine and multifaceted feature about Rebecca and her work!! Lovely to see this and a joy to be one of those included in the Treasury! I like your work, too,, Nicole!


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