Saturday, May 22, 2010

Product Update: Brizel Handcrafts CUSTOM Silk Tapestry Boxes

Product Update:
Custom Silk Tapestry Boxes

The Wolf Pack
Misty Wolf

Last week, as I was happily making Silk Tapestry Boxes, I was contacted by an Etsy client regarding a custom Silk Tapestry Box creation. She had seen 'Lucky Wolf' and wanted to gift a custom wolf Silk Tapestry Box to a shaman friend of hers.

Her initial color visualization went like this: "I'm wondering if you can come up with a very fine, deep and magical blend or combination suggesting an enchanted, mist-filled forest; with beautiful earth tones, both rich and subtle, and a blue-gray-green accent or thread that picks up on and coordinates with the outer color of the wolf button (this is the mist part of the scheme)."

Initially I pursued two color combos... in honor of the incredible gray mist visualization... the first combo was a multicolored silk sari yarn with heavy greens in it paired up with a gorgeous silver toned gray. Misty Wolf was the culmination of that endevour.

The second combo was with a deep solid green silk sari yarn paired with the same green multicolored silk sari yarn. The result was Forest Wolf.

Forest Wolf

After satisfying my client's custom gift box request... (She choose Misty Wolf) I was so happy that she asked me to make a wolf box for her as well... This time the wish list read: "I'm wondering whether you can do one with predominantly overall grays, midnight blues & blacks (possibly with a very tiny thread of blood red) ?"

Midnight Wolf

I knew exactly what to do with this one... using the same silver gray silk sari yarn as before... I paired it up with the deepest darkest midnight blue silk sari yarn... and then edged the rim of the box and lid with a double red combination... a deep dark burgundy with a variegated rich red.

Midnight Wolf was birthed... the first Brizel Silk Tapestry Box to have a color edging... I was so very pleased with the outcome and best of all, so was my client !

Lightning speed appreciative feedback was posted in my store:

"FABULOUS custom box from a Fabulous Artist & Seller. Nicole is a dream to work with!" (Misty Wolf)

"Another gorgeous custom box made by Nicole: exactly what I was looking for, produced with lightning speed, joy and can-do attitude. Doesn't get any better than this." (Midnight Wolf)

Its so true...
Much gratitude for such a wondrous selling experience !

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  1. Nicole, these are amazing, each one is more beautiful than the next! Such rich and unusual color combinations, perfect to store a special treasure. My mom loved her Mother's Day banana silk box in her favorite colors :>)


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