Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring at Twilight, 2010

We had a cold hard winter
with an abundance of rain late in its season...
... as a result we've had incredible blooms
here at Twilight this Spring...

Twilight is the name of the land
where i have been creating from scratch
in the wilderness these special gardens & orchards
over the last 9 years...

This habitat attracts and makes happy
birds, bees, butterflies, bats, hummingbirds,
hummingbird moths, dragonflies, cicadas, lizards,
snakes, frogs and a plethora of other living creatures
including myself and my animal pack !

ENJOY the bounties of this land...
with love,
from its Greenwoman and all who flock to Her


  1. SO beautiful and magical, I'm jealous... I miss lavender! ;0) enjoy, and wonderful work for nature and the animals!

  2. What a simply luscious slide show! All those purples and that rich blue sky! I love seeing your landscape which is so different from mine... your sights, mountains, and flowers just make my heart sing for the rebirth of life, for winter's end and the renewal of energies. Thanks for sharing this part of your life, Nicole.

  3. What a lovely slide show AND a lovely blog! Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely come back and visit often. :)

  4. How beautiful! Yes, very different from here too. Love your style, defintely cared for and planned, but wild and free. Just enchanting Nicole, thank you for the slide show and may you have sweet dreams tonight :>)

  5. very lovely, I'm impressed, makes me homesick for the Santa Cruz Mtns. where I had a similar situation. Up here in NE WA I am still enjoying bulb season as in tulips and daffodils.. Getting ready to plant the vegetable garden this week so you are miles ahead of me.. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, special place with all of us...C

  6. Wow - beautiful, beautiful pics. You have obviously been very hard at work. Wish I could visit! Jx


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