Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treasury Thanks... Knee Deep Originals

This fine morning, I put out to the Universe that I wanted to see more of my work promoted on blogs and treasuries... and within a few hours I got a note from Rebecca, one of my Efa Team mates from Knee Deep Originals, that one of my tagua nut necklaces was in her beautiful Etsy treasury:


Outrageous Olive in spring blues & greens is part of a series of adjustable necklaces made by me from a very special nut that grows on the edge of the rain forest. After the pods are harvested and the nuts allowed to dry for approximately 3 months, this amazing wood becomes so hard that it is considered to be petrified. It can then be carved and made into buttons, beads, fine wood carvings and even has been used for small knife handles.

My line of Tagua nut jewelry can now be found in my animal fundraising store: brizel4TheAnimals.etsy.com. Click HERE to arrive there !

A big THANK YOU to the Universe and to Rebecca for featuring my necklace and in appreciation... here is a little glimpse of a few items that especially caught my eye in her fine Etsy store: KneeDeepOriginals.etsy.com

"There are two things I love about art - discovering the soul of my subject as I bring it to a new and different life on canvas, and the element of surprise - you never know what will emerge and what you'll discover."

"When I am not painting, beading, making jewelry, or working on my etsy site and primary website (www.kneedeepstudio.com), I enjoy walking in the woods and around the mountain behind my small house with my two dogs and my husband, a fabulous custom knifemaker. I often carry my camera with me to capture shots that I may later paint. The smell and sounds of the woods and the mountain... well, there's just nothing like it for me. I'm a nature girl at heart."

"I also enjoy gardening, and I love the spring and summer for their wonderful colors of flowers, vegetables, grass, trees, and of course the sunshine and warm rains. There's something special about going out to the garden to pick and gather what you need for your evening meal !"

"I play guitar, write songs, and sing with a band called The Ramshackles and we bill ourselves as "just a little rough around the edges", although really we sound pretty good. We play blues, folk, a little country and a little rock and roll. We are a trio of two guitars and one cello."

I'll be writing more about her work later on this month !
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  1. Wow... what a wonderful surprise, Nicole! Thanks so much for the feature. I truly appreciate, and I truly admire all the work you do! And personally I believe your necklace is right at home in the treasury! Of course, I hope it will find a home somewhere else as well!

  2. The dog portrait is stunning! Those eyes....so real. Rebecca is one talented lady!

  3. so wonderful, both of you and your creations and work for the animals! :)


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