Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasury Thanks... Dragon House of Yuen

Another blustery day up in the mountains... sunny but cold... Brrrr.

Today is general election day in the UK and it is an important day in terms of animal rights... The Conservative party (aka Tories) have promised to lift the hunting ban if they get elected into office and to say the least, this will be sorry news not only for the human race but especially for the beautiful foxes that will fall prey to cruel torture and deaths.

Annette from Dragon House of Yuen has written an excellent blog about it and as a talented curator of Etsy Treasuries, she has put together this fine presentation this morning, which included one of my newest creations:


This divine ooak vegan Brizel Handcraft's Silk Tapestry Box, made of handcrafted multicolor banana silk yarn in aqua blue, lavender & purple, is perfect for storing something precious !

LUCKY WOLF is a sweet gentle container, with a lid of its own, embellished with a vintage button: a carved style metal wolf head surrounded by a horseshoe motif... contoured by a luminescent blue grey rim.

A big THANK YOU to Annette for including the box in her beautifully put together treasury... and in return I am delighted to be able to display some of her beautiful blue toned items that I especially enjoy and are available for purchase in her shop... If you have never visited her Dragon House of Yuen store... DO when you have a moment !

Annette, Arabella & Baby Hare soft sculpture

Annette about Annette Tait of Dragon House of Yuen... "I grew up Zambia, the Highlands of Scotland and Outback Australia. I am inspired by nature and my love of animals. All my art is animal oriented and my creations come from the heart. All my work is original, everything is my own design and handmade by me with great love and attention. I am a trained graphic and website designer. I support the BUAV, WSPA, Rabbit & Guinea Pig Welfare and the Buckeye House Rabbit Society. Arabella and Wesley, my rescue rabbits, inspired the bags."

Amongst other Etsy Street Teams, Ms.Tait is an active member of the EFA (Etsy For Animals) Team... she is a compassionate animal advocate with a clear intelligent voice... she is well informed about topics she chooses to discuss & present... a talented artist and crafts woman... and a professional thru & thru.

You can visit her fine art web site by clicking HERE... I also highly recommend her blog page: HERE... and of course the Dragon House of Yuen shop HERE. You can also click on listing titles to visit products in our stores.

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  1. How good of you to recognize such a talented team mate...and I now know what she looks like!!

  2. Thanks Nicole! I've been watching the election figures thru the night. Hoping for a labour victory (over the tories).
    Did you watch the movie The age of Stupid? It was shocking - about what is happening and what Will happen if nothing is done.

  3. Love reasding about Annette, and DragonHouseOfYuen, adorable items. looks like the tories are in the lead, Englad has a trory majority, whereas scotland and wales has mainly labour votes! bah!

  4. Beautiful creations by wonderful EFAers helping the animals!!!

  5. I love your wee tapestry boxes Nicole, & this one fit beautifully into Annette's horsey treasury! A great feature on Annette & her bunnies ;-)


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