Monday, February 1, 2010

Hail to Brigit BRiGiD Brighid BREED Bride BRiDGET !!!

January flew by at a windy pace and left me breathless on its last day, the eve of St Brigit's day... It was Sunday and the sun was out... and the Icelandic ponies had been waiting for me to visit them for a good two weeks due to stormy weather.... so off I went to visit my friend Jo and her seven equine boys for some good loving fun !

threadsofmagique put together this lovely Etsy treasury a few days before Imbolc to celebrate the season and to honor Brigid- the celtic goddess that inspires and sustains many of us through the wheel of the year.


Its a beautiful collection... a selection of images & products that remind us of this time of year... when the the strength of the Sun is waxing more noticeably and the forces of spring begin to make Her presence felt. Brigit is reborn as the Young Maiden and as the Sun, Her vitality grows stronger day by day.

"Welcome Breed,
Oh... Breed is come,
Breed is Welcome"

Brigit Crosses are solar symbols, equal armed and stretching in four directions, which symbolically encourages the strength of the Sun through our front doors and into our homes. It is a talisman, usually hung above the inside of the front door or near the hearth, and it is believed to bring protection, blessing, fertility and prosperity into our households.

Also known as St. Brigid’s Crosses, they are traditionally made from woven straw or rushes gathered on January 31st, the eve of St. Brigit’s Day. Crosses from the previous year are burned & replaced with new ones affirming the old saying: “Out with the old, and in with the new”.

The Brigit Crosses that I make are made from apple wood which I prune from my own orchards.

Click HERE to see the blog write up on Brizel Handcrafts' apple wood Brigit Crosses.

Click HERE if you'd like to see what Brigit Crosses are available for purchase. All Brizel Brigit Crosses ship out with a special complimentary spiral lavender sachet during the month of February !

Thanks & gratitude to threadsofmagique for featuring a Brigit Cross in her treasury !

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