Sunday, January 31, 2010

RUNNiNG WiTH MY THOUGHTS Forever in my heart

An EFA team colleague of mine, Pey Lu, adores to create treasuries... often on a weekly basis... and sometimes more than one a week. In fact, there is an entire blog, beyond craft works, that keeps record of these fabulous treasuries... click HERE to get to there.

Obviously this artist has a dedication and commitment to curating treasuries... lol... but these collections of Etsy products are not a haphazard grouping of listings... they are usually a sophisticated showing of images that tell a story...

As a result, in my opinion, these treasuries are highly worthwhile to view... often a mini gallery wonderland... depicting whatever this artist was in the mood to promote... be it a dreamy concept, a theme set up with her treasury teammates (i call them the treasury triplets), or whether promoting a raffle selling tickets to benefit some animal organization or event.

Here's one of Pey's treasuries called:


Forever in my heart is one of three Etsy shops, artist Pey Lu runs...

Its a brand new speciality store themed around the creation of unique heart shaped pendants... and it is dedicated to the memory of one of Pey Lu's animal companions...

"The first forever heart was made for my beloved dog Rachel. she was with me for 9 years, 9 days, 13 hours and 9 minutes. She is and always will be forever in my mind and my heart."

Folk Art Vision is an Etsy store dedicated to her Mixed Media Assemblage and other creative pieces she calls Words at Play... I highly recommend a visit to this store to view and purchase some wondrous & lovely modern art work...

... many of which are also heart or love themed.

One day when I grow up... I look forward to writing a proper feature on this wonderful artist. In the meantime... please visit her stores and websites !

THANKS SO MUCH for including my fabulous modern art rhinestone button in your treasury !

If you love buttons... come visit Brizel Supplies by clicking HERE.


  1. Soooo thoughtful of you, Nicole, it just made me tear up seeing Rachie girl's name here.
    It's greatly appreciately.

  2. Beautiful post on a wonderful artist/animal advocate/treasury curator ;0) We are so lucky to have you both in EFA! Michele

  3. I LOVE Pey's artwork!! I'm lucky to own her work too and can attest to it's richness - it's in front of my work desk and I gaze fondly at it often.
    Plus I am lucky to make collective treasuries with Pey and Pat - love their intelligence, wit and humour! a true privilege! thanks Nicole for writing about Pey :)


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