Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our team has a Monthly Challenge and EFA has a blog that is solely dedicated to the showing of our monthly challenge entries.

Entering the monthly Etsy for Animals Challenge is a fun way to participate in the EFA street team. Every month there is an opportunity for EFA members to submit one of their listings to be featured on the blog. Each month has a specific theme which the listing must reflect in some way.

The monthly challenge blog provides a lovely display of goods presented by our artists & suppliers. Its a wonderful marketing opportunity for our sellers and also the mini feature tells us how they contribute to aiding our animal friends.

February's theme is "Forever in My Heart"... "for the animals past, present and future that have left an imprint on our hearts." LolaLynn, our EFA Monthly Challenge administrator, put together a treasury with some of our entries...


Brizel Handcrafts' was honored by having its entry included in the treasury... a rich Silk Tapestry Heart plush called 'A Memorial to Love'...

Fall in love with a gorgeous Silk Tapestry Heart made of pure raw silk sari yarns and embellished with buttons, one of which is big enough to hold a photo of someone you love & want to remember.

One side is rich variegated red silk contoured with black... embellished at the center with a coppery gold & black rose button.

The other side is black at its center surrounded with the deep variegated red silk heart and contoured by black... it is embellished with a huge black button... which can hold a photographic cut out image of someone special.

The inside of the heart has been filled with polartec fabric so this heart will warm up when cuddled. If this sweet heart wants to be hung, a complimentary colored faux leather cord is nestled at its top.

This Silk Tapestry Heart belongs to me & Tillie...
my feline daughter, who was with me for 17 years...
She was the first of my girls to depart this world...
a memory still vivid after 8 yrs. I still miss her !

The Etsy listing is for a CUSTOM heart that will be made especially for you... and although I would be happy to recreate this exact heart design... colors & embellishments can be customized... so please contact me by clicking HERE to discuss your heart's desire !

Click HERE for an illustrated blog piece on Brizel Handcraft's Silk Tapestry Hearts...

Nicole Planchon / Brizel
ALL rights reserve


  1. Wonderful post, beautiful creation!

  2. Thanks for posting about the EFA Challenge, your heart is wonderful!

  3. Thanks for writing about the challenge in your blog. Your heart is so beautiful and I just love the colors.


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