Friday, February 26, 2010

Treasury Thanks... Folk Art Vision

Ahhh another day in Etsy paradise... lol

Pey Lu of folkartvision was on a mission a few days ago... to promote a spring raffle that is selling tickets to benefit the Buckeye House Rabbit Society... (Annette of Dragonhouseofyuen has donated one of her delicious Arabella bags...)

With a fabulous cause in mind... this treasury was created... with an equally wonderful provocative subtitle: Go ahead MAKE my day !


One of Brizel Handcrafts' apple wood Brigit Crosses was featured ! A Brigit Cross is an ancient solar symbol that is believed to bring protection and good fortune into our homes... I very much appreciated the feature- thanks so much :)

Folk Art Vision is a fabulous Etsy store which has a plethora of wondrous messages- one of my favorite store sections is dedicated to Pey Lu's Word At Play" series.

"In keeping with the FolkArtVision philosophy, we are giving the ubiquitous laminate samples fresh purpose and intention by enhancing and embracing their natural shape and colour."

"I'm so old I don't buy green bananas"
says a small sign posted at the corner of the bulletin at my doctor's office."

"I had thrown my back out days before and was in considerable pain but still couldn't help smiling at the message. That moment stuck me as an idea with potential - random funny thoughts..."

"... Later, much relieved from the pain, I was able to put all my random thoughts in action and from that seed grew our latest offering."

"This original collage is really chatty...
Side One says - Registered Lost...
Side Two says Heart Found.

"It is one of a kind, spontaneous and romantic. Ever heard of "It's the thought that counts", well, think no more, now you can turn your thought into a lasting gift by sending your loved one this diminutive yet powerful message, perfect any time !"

I fully agree !

I love Pey's work and I myself now enjoy one of these wondrous creations. My very own reclaimed, upcycled, Folk Art Vision original and in the right moment of emotion... i can flip over my message plaque to suit my mood.

As one of my favorite girlfriend's says:
"How does it get better than that ?" lol.

Please click on the links to visit this wonderful artist's shop and work. Pey Lu also has a blog and two other Etsy stores !

Copyrights to text, work and images
remain with the Artist, Pey Lu of Folk Art Vision.


  1. Very thoughtful and sweet of you, Nicole. so nicely strung together, thanks a million.

  2. I like how these have an "answer" on the flip side - very excellent!

  3. SO fun and I always love Peylu's artwork and work helping animals!!! :)

  4. thanks for the mention of the raffle Nicole and to Pey as well for her amazingly fun treasuries!! really, Pey is the thinking woman's treasury queen! and I love her work!!!


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