Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introducing Jo's herd of Icelandic horses

When I was growing up in the Geneva area in the late sixties... my siblings and I used to take horse back riding lessons on a regular basis. I loved the smell of the arena and looked forward to seeing the horses.

Later on when I was a young teenager, I realized that the allergies I was developing were keeping me from seeing clearly where i was leading the horse. I stopped riding and alas stayed away from equines... at first it wasn't too difficult as I didn't have access to horses or I was living in cities and my attention floated to college, boyfriends, developing careers etc.

About 10 years ago, I went to a gathering at Greenfield Ranch and low & behold in a pasture close by was an old horse. Looking for a place to play my penny whistle- I ventured up a tree to do so... and to my surprise, the horse came to investigate. I came down and said hello... and although my eyes began to moisten a little with allergic sensitivities, I realized that it wasn't all that bad and that I could spend a few moments with him. Time evidently was healing my allergies !

My friend Jo ('Yo') who owns property on the same ranch as I do, has 7 Icelandic ponies under her care. She used to be an Icelandic horse breeder (Farandi Farms) and has been working with & training horses most of her life. All 7 of her boys (6 geldings, 1 stallion) are currently wintering on the ranch and I have been going up to visit them and hanging out with this herd for about 3 months.

Let me introduce them to you !

This is Andi, who is the boss of the herd
He has a lovely caramel coat with a vanilla mane

Bastian to the right & Mimir to the left...
Bastian likes to be the boss when Andi is away
Mimir is the youngest with 6 yrs of age

This is Bleikur, the stallion... Mr Icelandic !

Kappi is horsing around in this photo...
he wantz to kiss me !

Here's Fly Boy who is the elder in the herd...
about 20yrs of age... and a complete softie !

This is his best friend, Svoelnir ('Svernia')...

...whom I spend a lot of time with.

I just completed a 6 day 'mom is away from home' daily horse care experience... in not the best of weather conditions, I might add. It was a wonderful experience... with some adrenaline moments... but all is well that ends well ! I look forward to seeing them again soon :)

Aren't they beautiful and handsome ?


  1. They are so beautiful, how amazing that you got to spend time with them, although I'm sure it was tough w/the freezing weather, the picture of the 2 with the tree is just magical ;0) Michele

  2. Thank You for sharing that...
    They are truly beautiful & you are
    lucky to spend time with them!

  3. These guys are GORGEOUS!!! I love the photo of Bastian and Mimir at the tree - what a wonderful home they have!

  4. so sweet! Wish we could visit too!


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